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Just intalled this and simply cannot stop playing... great graphics, smooth transitions and fun to spend free time. Works great

Because I like mahjong I highly recommend it to anyone it has all you could ask for in a game . from graphics to sound bright colors even to the level of difficulty you customize it to yourself. Not bad

I love the idea of not having all of those stupid ad's poping up every time u finish a level like on the other 1 I play. Enjoy it!

5 stars! You will not be disappointed! The most relaxing Mah Jong I've ever played! Simply, the Best. Works great

I started this game in the PlayStation 2 and love this game cause it keeps you focus and improves your brain Perfect

Additive really enjoying but just started the game. Wonder why they want a review so soon is there a problem coming up they don't want you to know about before you review it? Go well

A good game the only problem is the responsiveness not that good you have to tap like a psychopath Works perfectly

Beware, this game is addicting !! I'm addicted to this Game & I Love It !!! wow lol

I like the game, once I start playing I don't want to stop. It helps pass time, when I'm playing the time goes by so fast. I tell friends & family they have to try this game. I love it. Highly Recommend.

I'm soooooo addict, enjoy playing, I play hours during the day and at night if I can't sleep Awesome

I'm glad I checked majong king out. The first time I played the game I knew I was going to become addicted. Low and behold, I am addicted!! But am having a lot of fun in my addiction to this game and am quite very very very good. Must have

The controls are bad the slide on the bottom Moves by it's self and you can't hit the tiles you want. Recommend

I just started playing this type of game. I really enjoy it & it is relaxing and addicting as the other 5 King games I play for fun. Thank you King. Muito bom!

There's no way to unlock all the ones in gray except maybe one puzzle a day and that sucks. What's the point of having them on there if there is no way to unlock them? Brilliant

Much better than prior Mahjong games I have played. The tile graphics are brighter, easier to read. Overall, the layouts are formatted well for playing on a smaller mobile phone screen. Perfect!

Great little time waster, thoroughly enjoyable, one of the best Mahjong apps I've played Superb!

Many boards to play, I do not care for the lit tiles. This is one game I don't have to delete off of my phone in the first hour! I'm very very happy with it even though it has ads. Must have

Nice distraction... still looking for a real Mahjong game app for beginners. One that has a tutorial... Matching is fine, but I'd love to learn the game for realz!!! Not bad

Love to play Mahjong. It has always been one of my favorite games. This game is lots of fun & I could play it forever. Great job

Really good game, its a minor thing but the stars won on the new maps that were released a few months don't increase your total star amount. Marvelous

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