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I love this game is love it so much it is the first thing I do when I get home it's so addictive and fun my favorite song is rain of Sakura it is a five station from me I would recommend this to everyone who I know keep up the good work PS:this is my favorite app of all time I am telling all about this app and tell them to install it like I said keep up the good work Just wow

I could play this all day (and I did this before lol) but something else that would be awesome is if it comes out on computer that would be EPIC (plus it really help me increase my typing speed on my phone) Works perfectly

I really love this game it's so AWESOME and bc it's so Amazing that it's so FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!! Go well

It is a good game here my best score in the world is in 12 number Fantastic

Please fix the resolution not able to play in full screen for Samsung S8/Note8/S9. love it

I think is like life like how first you were young and now you are old and have children to take care of it was slow and now it is fast Worth a go!

So soothing and relaxing, you should listen listen to love and inspration espacially. wow lol

Everything is good but still u should add a feature of messaging and 2v2 feature... Well done!!

I hate the ads, everytime i finished one game theirs always an ads, wasting tine Surprisingly

This is nice game if u want to increase your concentration n skill level..... Overall nice game... 10 on 10.... Would recommend Good

Well I played this game today on my cousin tablet and she let me play it so it was fun Pretty good

I love dis's just like an inspiration to me ...I love piano tiles Marvelous

This game is seriously awesome this game makes my mind relaxed when tensed even I recommended this game to my friends and kept battle between us Just wow

It is the best game i have ever played Its just THE BEST if you so not have this game you jave no LIFE Perfect

This is my relax game... just love this game Highly Recommend.

I really like this game but it disconnects the server sometimes when you go online with different people and there's some spelling errors also Worth a go!

I was considering buying the vip pass but I keep getting kicked out of the game.. Made me think of passing the vip pass now Muito bom!

I like this game, but there a lots of ads and I don't like how you have lives every time you choose the song im death so I don't know about the music, but I know I liked it:) Go well

this game is not scary at all. to me but mabe i missed somthig or i did not relize it. ok ok ok ok love it

The game overall is very good but while playing online battle the game gets stuck most of the time, I lost so many online battles because of this issue and am so disappointed because of it. Worth a go!

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