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Working full time and always being on the go, magic rush gives me the type of rpg I love on a handheld. Great job guys Cool

For those who think that magic rush heroes game copied the MLBB you're wrong, because magic rush heroes launch first before the Mobile LEGENDS. My point is, don't say that magic rush copied ml the truth is That the mobile legends is the one who copy ml. Don't worry cause these two games are made by MOONTON INC Good

I love this game but after merg today I cant log in the server...merger 122....please help me... Just wow

I love the game it combines different ways to do things. You have two choices to do different types of battles and I think that is very cool Pretty good

It is a great game... awesome.... but it it is very time taking to collect runes and then updating the hero... and just 20 chances to update the hero is very less... Perfect!

Just hit level 88 with 5 awakened and it wouldn't let my me log froze was told to del from the website provided in the freeze screen followed instructions started me at lol 1 I had the account for over 2 years and my loggin is the same as old account. Game will be deleted if they don't fix the problem. Great!

Please fix the launch. I cant log in. i have reinstalled it multiple times. If it is a maintenance thing or update,shouldnt you at least talk about it in your facebook page or forum?If I lose my account because of this.... Works perfectly

It is the best war game i have ever played , but there is a problem Please make easy new ways for taking diamonds and rune core items Thanks Perfect

This game is very awsome I am addicted of it, I never play this type of game before, please don't be too adicted for this... love it

i dont know what you mean but i love this games and if i have more money i buy anything Great job

J'aime beaucoup ce jeu et sa m'aide à me sentir bien mais je sais ce qu'il lui arrive dernièrement mais sa marche plus si celui qui crée ce jeu pouvais réglé ce petit détail sa m'arrangerait beaucoup Merci wow lol

Can't sign in on galaxy s8... tried uninstalling game but still won't open! 1 ⭐ untill this is fixed Worth a go!

Undoubtedly one of the best games out there! With constant updates, there's so much to look forward to. One thing though, can you please make the size of the app smaller? It takes so much memory. 5 star

I love the game would give five stars if it didn't tell me my account was signed is somewhere else when the game jumps me to Facebook Fantastic

nice strategy game please upgrade the graphics a little bit . please everyone play this game it is good Well done!!

The game is awesome, except for the fact that to be truly.competetive they are asking for absurd amounts of money that in some countries even in Europe are equal to monthly salaries... And that just for the possibility to get same heroes as other "richer" players :( wow lol

It is good, but I would lag out of the game most of the time. Which is quite difficult to play this game smoothly. Plus it keeps on saying that this game has technical difficulties, if I could wish for anything right now, I want your team to gelp me with this problem. Enjoy it!

im from server 801, after the latest update the crystal spire got error cant swipe but still count the diamond from the error swipe Flawless

I found this game really amusing surelly a game who is worth it! And better yet I don't consider this game a p2w game ;) p2w = pay to win (: Download it believe me u will love it. love it

I was good at the starting but after some time it became a burden to me. 5 star

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