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This app is great. Unlike other drawing model apps that I have tried, this one has realistic skin on the figures (the "skin" moves as it would on a real person when joints move) and the joints are actually easy to adjust. I also love the collective cloud set up for sharing and finding reference poses. Plus, you can have multiple figures in a scene. I only have two grievances: There are no objects and the interaction between figures could be better. Even then, with all that is offered, I am still happy that I purchased the full version (even if there are no objects) and I get that coding is hard, so making it so that a figure's arm won't go through its head is probably a bit difficult. This is a great tool, but it could still improve. Just wow

Easy to pose and multiple figures at once makes this an essential tool for artists. The only request I would have would be to be able to adjust the model's body shape; fatter, skinnier, leg length, arm length, etc. But I do love this app. Perfect

This app is almost perfect. The only issues I have with it are there are no props and it's difficult to pose the elbows. You can still get a lot of usage out of it without the pro version, which is great when you can't afford it. Other than these small problems, its a fantastic app. Recommend

I mean its Ok. You can only pose a female.and its laggy. But if you absolutely can not find a reference photo its ok. Superb!

I like that Wombat Studios actually listened to the community and made the free model female instead of the male one. Pretty easy to pose given the limitations of moving a 3D model in a 2D screen. Go well

I love this app and that you can use anime or realistic gender models, i wish there was props though so we could work on how hey would hold them Worth it!

Cool app. Unique and creatively inspiring. Not really an everyday anything. I try and figure it out but get so overwhelmed i get bewildered why i am being so hard on myself cause i dont have the ability to move as fast, or, i.e., operate this app as fast, to appease all the positions m y mind want to see and create Not bad

Can you guys add options for turning off the shadows or the floor? ... You know, to reduce the lags .. once i add a second character it becomes laggy as hell.. it could be helpful for low spec users like me. also, why does the legs move when i bent the body? love it

Most impressive for artist!!!!! Seriously!!!!!! Everything i need in one app!!!!! Thanks a lot! Brilliant

Well before I would have given it 4 stars, 5 without the bugs. But then they updated it and made it better, now I cant pose the hands palms up unless I want to move the whole arm. Granted I can work around this but there is no way to tell them this is a problem. It needs a place to be able to say "hey this is a bug" or "hey you accidentally made this 20 times more difficult for me" i payed money for this. I never.... Never spend money on an app. I don't want to have to go and pay more for a different one. Must have

It was great until it turns out that like a thousand things are locked until u pay for full version-_- 5 star

I love this app, the feature is so amazing and I wanted an upgrade to the pro version, but when I see the price, wow... I can't afford it, it's funny but yes, it's true. I hope there will be a discount or promo codes... (In my country a couple of dollars is worth more than what it seems) Actually the price is worth it, but for a beginner artist like me... Really help mercy for my art budget lol Fabulous!

This is a fun and useful app, truly amazing! I can see that a lot of effort was put into the app and it's frankly a lot better than other similar options I found on the app store. $5 is a good investment in what it's offering and I look forward to see what new features are coming next. Keep up with the good work! Great!

THIS is SO much better than my own wooden model!! How have i just found this?! Fabulous. Not bad

Its really amazing, and as a professional artist,i save time not looking for it. When i have a deadline. Pretty good

I wish movement was available for the toes otherwise this works great for reference Perfect

Really like it! Just wish there was a way to make it stay in place while you rework the pose (it kept moving while I was adjusting the arms). Edit: it's taking some getting used to but the new update is neat Perfect!

Its a great app, it could use body portions and sizing, though. Then, it would be worth 6 bucks and another star. Well done!!

(Edit- Issue was handled quickly and promptly. I'm very grateful and will recommend this app to all my art buddies. 100% recommend it. Next best thing to a live model) To be perfectly honest, I very much like this app, but the "free 7 day trial" expired the moment I closed the app. That's ridiculous. How can you expect someone to trustingly give you their money for a paid version if they already can't trust that they keep what's there? Fix it and it's easily a perfect 5* that I'd recommend to friends… as it is I will not. Flawless

Truly a wonderful app. Used the free trial and will definitely be investing the $5 to keep going - I honestly can't believe it's that cheap. Clearly tons of work went into making this, and the app is only improving. I hope the feet/ankles get touched up later - in the meantime, this app is still better than I could have dreamed. Ps. I love the new years patch! Good job! 5 star

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