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I would love to see pedestrians and other cars moving in the city.It kinda looks like a ghost town whitout those things. Awesome

Amazing game but has a major glitch zooms in and makes me lose but is still amazing. Superb!

Great Story! Great Game! I also like how theres chapters for each mission too. 100% suggest to download and give it a go. Works perfectly

Pros: Simplicity of controls. It's not complicated like other TPS games. Easy to beat levels so no frustrations or waiting times. Cons: The town has only the storyline characters and cars. Absence of other people is a bit weird. Car is not serviced properly :-P it has bad acceleration and horrible noise ;-) In a nutshell: Simple yet nice game. Enjoy it!

Good Game....but there is not much fun in driving the cars ...that should be inproved the car should burst on hitting a pole or a pole should get this things should be added... otherwise, liked it. Fabulous!

I really like this game very interesting im just waiting for new chapters to come how long will it be because I'm ready and i sure dont want to keep replaying the same old chapters.... Perfect!

this game is very good game. but the car of the game is very bad. there r no sound of horn. so my request is plz update more this game Perfect!

Too many ads. Becomes annoying pretty fast. Cut about three quarters of the ads awesome game. Uninstalling please fix. Highly Recommend.

The problem is with me is that I installed the game yesterday. Working perfectly. Now it won't even load. No start up, nothing just instantly crashes. Please fix this and get back to me otherwise I won't be playing it anymore. Which is dissapointing really as I enjoyed the game. Go well

Decent, I hate ads. I'm stuck were I keep getting detected but every time mission fails I have to watch a 30 second video. I'm anxious to beat mission that annoys the crap out of me and wastes battery life on my phone. How do I get first person view like in pictures I'm stuck in a helicopter like view Amazing!

This game is awesome I thought it would be bad but it's actually great I'm going to start playing your games Superb!

Awesome outstanding Guy u need to download this the roads r outstanding graphics,the only problem is it has few chapters team nation games plzz add more chapters Well done!!

The best them game with the worst worst worst controls and graphics you can every imagined Muito bom!

I like this game...i already finish all chapter this game and another game...when i get a next chapter Good

Its Ok Nice story line its really fun maybe make the cam a little closer to the ground or make it First Person other than that its great. Go well

Spoilers Don't tell me its bad because its good the developer made this game to entertain us to experience don't tell me its bad... Muito bom!

I like it but i go to do the final test and a add comes up and i fail every time please fix or im uninstalling it Well done!!

Its fine but... I rated it 3 stars cause there are no people only mission characters, this is not the mafia game I hoped. Perfect

Amazing game loved it superb job guys just have one problem in both games the part where you have to climb the ladder Good

I like it alot can you just get rid of the adds the pop up during the game and thats kinda really irritating Enjoy it!

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