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Great Game As hard as u want it to b so can be very fun and easily entertaining! Plus takes very little memory space especially as far as games go!

Locks up Love the game, but it has started to lock up or the screen goes blank when grabbing certain upgrades. Please fix

Nice New update great graphics plus a awesome dev replying to us all!!!!!!!!! Love this game :) keep up the good work

Dude you rock Music pumps me up, speed of game is on players control. This is out this world amazing!!! I need your autograpgh

Super fun I love bullet hell games. This one is fun and basic yet addicting. Only issue I have is I maxed of all seasons but didn't the achievement for them

Love Zis I love this game. At first I thought it was some sucky indie game, but I am glad I gave it a try and hope to see good things from the developer in the future.

Fantastic It is an amazing and beautifull game but it needs more things like that you could customize your ship and colors and add more upgrades to choose from like fire rate and xp count. That would be awesome.

This game aint no M.E.S.S. Really fun free game with wonderful music. M.E.S.S./10 would reccomend. Also support the creator because i cant and i dont have any cash.

Great for breaks But now that I'm paying 200k for drones I was expecting their count to increase past 4

the very same thing but still good nice to play to kill some spare time. weapon modes and pause when screen out of focuse are nicely done ;)) play and you will see!

Awesome Performs very fluidly and looks nice. Menus require some work. They're not always clear on what's a button and what's just text. Long live tyrian ;) The new buttons look much better. Some require a little padding between the borders and text.

Amazing!!! This game is perfect. The controls handle really well, and it helps pass the time REALLY well. Congrats.

Lots of fun but... For some reason it no longer works. Could you fix it? (Playing on an RCA 7 inch tablet running Android Jelly Bean.)

Love it! Definitely download it! Definitely an awesome game, very fun, and worth downloading. A great way to kill some time (and some spaceships). The enemies are great, the designs are awesome, the weapons, whoa, just whoa. Overall, I'd say this game is by far the best one I've downloaded. Only game I keep on my phone anymore.

Fun! It's a great game. Attractive and fun and simple. . No explanation of the fact that the blue orbs are experience and you have to collect them? And if u let the blue orbs build up and collect them in slow mo mode the game gets overloaded at once and occasionally locks up my galaxy note 3. How do you get the last two weapons??

Very nice game I like the style of this game and the controls are simple and easy to use. I have been playing this game for quite some time now and I don't really enjoy the new weapon color sceme as it seems to make the game a lot more plainer. Great game overall and I hope that you keep up the great work.

WOW This is totally mind blowing...I enjoy shoot'em up games just like it. I wish the maker the best in making it awesome than it already is!

Well worth downloading Great game,weapons are interesting and original, controls are simple and intuitive. However one issue that's bugging me at the moment is the seeming lack of changes to the driods when you upgrade them, no matter how many credits you purchase or collect over a certain amount. Which is a shame because annilating all the baddies to your hearts content would have been well worth the 50p price tag.

Awesome game Ive been looking for a good space shooter and this is by far the best ive played.

Fun Made me laugh. I used to love the old shooter games growing up. This is just like them. I even love the old skool sound effects. I like the lifting the finger thing to slow down time. Awesome power in the "oh crap" moments when a boss first appears I do agree that you need to set the sensitivity to 1. If you had wanted the player to put their finger under the ship, then you should start the ship higher and give some sort of hint as to where to put your finger. On 1.5, if I drag the ship upwards first and put my finger on space underneath it it plays fine.

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