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The new update where they mix ppl with different bets sucks. Bow pll don't want to play . They want to gather money. Some say I can leave the game cuz my bet is low but you have to give me this wow lol

Very Fun Game! I love playing it with Family. Second, to Monolpy that destroys friendships, breaks up relationships, and tores families apart. It makes me competitive against fam, but in turn helps us bond more and enjoy the game. Highly recommend! Pretty good

This game will surely help humans to land on Mars. The Stars will be reached very soon by playing this game. This game also helps us during exams and math solutions become a joke for us. We also love to play this game in Courts and get decisions in our favour by winning a game. I can see the future of man totally dependent upon this game as every dispute will be realoved through it. God Bless USA. Long Live Pakistan. God Speed China. Pretty good

The game and the application both are superb. A very fun time pass and very addictive. There is one small problem that i would like to bring to your notice though, when two coins are sitting one after the other sometimes it is difficult to select/touch the coin of you choice. Due to the small size wrong selection is made. Otherwise the application is superb... Pretty good

I used to enjoy the game. But it is rigged. No matter what sometimes you just do not stand a chance. Your opponent will get big numbers while you end up with 1s and 2s and just barely move. Also I just watched free videos and got credited but now that coins have disappeared. What to say!! Brilliant

The previous version was awesome and the latest version of Ludo star is not good at all. Whenever i play game with my friends or other 1 on 1 instead of increasing gold my gold reducing day by day as people reviewing i totally agree with them. Please resolve the bugs. Thank you! I love this game and gonna rate 5 it but after this problem this game is not able to rate 5 even i will rate 2 and also suggest other people not to download it its just a waste of time.. Well done!!

Its a great game... And in need of fixes. This game is great to play but it needs coins to play online and multiplayer with friends and coins are scarce in this only get 1 chest and 6 videos per day. So it is very difficult to get coins.. Please fix that and i will give you 5 star Well done!!

The developers pls get to me over here... the random selection isn't anywhere good in the game... my opponent won't get a 6 through our his game but when it comes to eating a coin of me... not only does he get a 6 but also the exact no he requires to eat my coin.. this nowhere seems to be a random based game.. and this surely needs to get changed... Works great

Hey Ludo star. Do something. Some players play really slow , intentionally. They put the game on auto mode. And it is really irritating when they get 6 on 6 in series and win the game. It wastes our time so much. Fix it please and I will give 5 stars. Great job

You could have added team with random people option, like clash royale. Plus if you have only one movable coin, you must not waste any time and make an automove... that will make the game less lengthy as well as less boring. Worth it!

Its nice one but sometimes it doesnt work....i played league in this game and i earned so many gold but it wasn't included in my league result .I dont know why it happened and sometimes it gets auto wihout any reason. So try to fix those problems Surprisingly

Structure of gane is perfect na dvery good.... But it programs like u will irritate and frusted because of you wil with 2 games and you wil loose 5 games. If you play wil less amount you will winn and if you play wil big amount it will make you loose. Diace will never come in you favor when ever you req. Truly... overall I am not happy with this game... due to getting failure without doing any depends upon your luck... Flawless

Hey guys!I have been playing the game for quite a long time. The game is awesome but I want to suggest one thing. It would have been nice if you add and option for checking the log, like the last game played and how much you played for and if you won or not. Though the win streak shows it. Good luck! Good

Remove undo option its planted game. One person getting every time 6 other not. Its waste of time . its spoiled original ludo . for league top you have to play atleast 15 hour a day. Its killing generation. Please make balance in game remove league option . just to earn money you kept undo. its worst game please donot waste time. Is there option of undo in oroginal ludo???. This option should be removed to make it real. Just wow

Overall, it's good. (Can you just add Bengali Language?) ★★★★★ [And, I'd like to draw your kind attention as you may check the reviews more than emails : Please develop a chess game. It might be hit too. You can also consider 'Grandmaster' for it. ;) Go well

The best Ludo game in the app store. You can play with normal rules and extra rules to make the game more fun. You don't have to spend money to play the game and the daily rewards are fab. I would recommend this game if you are a Ludo fan. I can't fault it at all. If you lose connection it will auto play for you so you don't lose the chance to win. I love it. Very addictive. Thank you for the joy and fun. Great app Great job

Hi ludo star team, the game is lagging while we start to play it. Its happening from yesterday, when i throw the dice and make my move still the control is not going to next player. It still stays with my side or sometimes it is going after the clock covers half of the time... kindly loom into it Cool

Simply loved it.. after Criminal case, Candy crush & 8Ball Pool, this is the only game I play with heart out. But I would suggest another two features: 1st one: "add Head to head record. Like how many times you and me have played and who won/lost more games " & 2nd one: "Separate the records for 2 players & 4 players because some players only play 4-players mode so their winning percentage is mostly < 50 and who play only 2-players mode their % is usually > 60. So kindly add a feature by which we can see record of different modes" :). Overall amazing game. I appreciate the developing team! :) Must have

This game was fun before 5m and 10m bet.. thats really not fair when i am playing 10m bet and my opponent is on 10k bet.. i win i will get 20m i loose i will loose 10m and opponent will be same just with 10k.. its ok this is not a big deal.. but now it starts vanishing gold.. i had 5 millions and my frnd had 16M. He invited me for a friendly challenge of 5m. When i tap on join game said you don't have enough gold and my gold was reduced to 4 million.. Developers we appreciate your efforts... Please make it good asap otherwise your ratings are going down already Great!

BEST GAME EVER PLAYED This is first game I played for so long time. Often I delete game after 5-6 days when feel bored playing again and again same thing. But this is very interesting. I am playing this game from long time. Every time new players. Most of my friends are playing this game. We have created whatsapp group also to invite to play. Love this game. Works perfectly

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