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Longer This game is so fun and quality is not bad at all and the control is so good its like I do everything and but the problem is its short make it 2 or 5 capture then its deserve 5 star Fantastic

Concept excellent Jouabilité et contrôles très réussis, gameplay de très bonne qualité, dommage que le jeu soit si court. Must have

Proof of concept It was a cute intro into what phone vr gaming could be, but i finished it in less than 8 mins and the ending was a let down.

Great idea! I think that this is a very good adaptation of room puzzle games, but it is too short... You have to add a couple more levels and this will be a great experience

Fabulous VR game This room escape VR is so nice! Tho i really wish there are more rooms, such a pity all ended so fast

Wow... Amazing vr game best iv played yet and I've played many other vr games. The other amazing game I've played is house of terror vr the graphics are top notch!

Pls make more stages I loved this game..n lol at last i opnd the door n splashed in pls make more stages..

Amazing Best vr experience I've had with the cardboard so far, shame it isn't longer. Would definitely look forward to more games like this.

Great but short It was really great and fun to play. But it's too short, ended in 10 minutes. Wish there will be more games like this!

The best Hands down. Loved it. Put headphones on. Whatever cardboard or set that you have, make sure it's night time or a very dark room and put on headphones. I love puzzles like this. So great

In absolute rapture!! There is no other game like this, nothing can touch this game! THE best escape game ever!!! Instantly addicted.

Good VR! I only wish the girl could be saved, the cardboard trigger did something, and the game were longer.

Fun game. I just wish it wasn't so short. Hopefully they'll make more (and longer) games.

Fantastic but short! I played this in a pitch black room last night and it was great! Very cool idea but needs to be longer. Dev, def turn this into a full game!

SO fun!!! I love games like this. I would love to see the world of MYST made up like this as well. I definitely want to see more rooms and puzzles. Easily the best VR game out there. Loved it.

Finally This is the first game for Cardboard VR that actually feels fun to play! It certainly feels a bit short, more like demo length, and I'd love to see more from this developer, or more games like this for Cardboard VR.

I wanted more! Perfectly intuitive. Felt a little claustrophobic, like I should be able to walk about a little or at least back up. I wanted to save the girl! It was a little too easy, but I'm looking forward to more like this!

Great stuff!! I've been through most of the vr apps and have to say this one is my favourite so far. Great stuff and will look forward to any future levels.

Intuitive and immersive Great control features, nice example of what can be done. Would like to see more of this.

Very well done! I played this on my Nexus 4 with Cardboard. This is a classic room escape game nicely translated into VR. After realizing I needed to physically rotate, the controls were simple and intuitive. The automatic zoom-in was a little disconcerting at first (at one point, when looking at the room with the hanging gear I looked away, and started "sliding into" that room) but it was easy to get the hang of, and staring at stuff is the only way to implement action without a physical or virtual button. By the time I was halfway through the game I was wishing the stare-to-activate was a little faster! I got completely immersed. Bravo Fast Company! Keep going!

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