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It's a good game of lord krishna. I like the dresses of krishna but if there is more dresses for radha ji then this game will become more better. Great!

I love Krishna and I was so happy to dress up him with my own hands thank you for this game. I love it a lot Great!

I like the Lord Krsna and Lord Radharani's decoration and I also enjoyed the live arati. Thank you. 5 star

When I played this game I don't know where I'm in fact I don't know what is happening aground me I think that in real life I have saw the real Radha Krishna in front of me love it

It is a very good game❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Highly Recommend.

Krishna is my favorite god. And it is the best game ever seen. soooo l love this game very much. But sometimes this game is stop. So plzzzz manufacture this game. Hihihi... Perfect

wonderful but for krishna crowds are there,but hair styles two only that are not nice. please put hair styles for krishna. Perfect

It's ok but when I am dressing up lord krishna and exit it and again start it lord krishna is naked Well done!!

amzing game all facitites r provided if u want to do make up first or dress up but u must unlock all things then the will pertect wow lol

very nice game.But things which are locked I want them unlock.And also please add some more dresses and jewellery.Rest all is very nice and good. Surprisingly

l was very impressed when saw all features... but why all option could not unlocked.... it is very sorrow Recommend

It is a beautiful game . Please guise download it there was many beautiful things Awesome

It,s a very nice game ,it feels as if they are real.i like it a lot ,it,s my favourite game Fantastic

I love this game. Its very very very very very nice. I will not delete this game but I cannot understand how to do at the last. But I like this game very much. Muito bom!

This is a good app but some things are lock but colors set mode is good for dress and malas.and it's controls are toff and others system are good.I given the 4 stars for this app. Works great

I am a girl. I play this game from my father's mobile. This game is very nice. But many things are locked! Please unlock them. Rest all are very nice. Marvelous

I think that this is nice app but it has some Error that is. Everything is in this are locked it has get to much money how can anyone spent money on this things Flawless

To those people who haven't decorated Lord Krishna and Radha ever for them it is a nice game Perfect

It's a nice game but most of the accessories are locked . I can't afford it ,so please make such where the items are unlocked and please make dressing up games of lakshmi saraswati and parvati Perfect!

Nice game, if all the dresses and make over things gets unlocked, it will be more likable.... 5 star

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