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Disappointed in this app currently...I'm hoping it gets better. I did have a positive experience with customer service a couple months ago. Works great

What should I do of i don't have passport to do the enhanced verification. Can i use any other valid IDs?? Amazing!

It was a good app at one time but the scam spammers have taken over and the amount of coins needed to send envelopes is now too high Worth a go!

15Gbe5 Give this number to when asking referral code and get 10%more coupons ,hurry Fabulous!

I am in-love with LoMoCoins, this app delivers an all-around exciting experience! From the FREE MONEY, to the warm community that looks out for one another - you will not be dissapointed, I'm certainly not! Surprisingly

Seriously needs a way to rank/review red envelope givers. Half if them are not labeled correctly and do not offer what they claim Well done!!

Invite code: 15FVwW Great app! Start earning while you play. Get free 20 LMC coins. make sure to use my invite code: 15FVwW and let's start making money together :) sharing is caring my friends. Best of luck guys. Awesome

പൊളിച്ചു,,, തിമിർത്തു..... കിടുക്കി,,, Enjoy it!

It's logged out automatically and when I try to login it says password is wrong then again I reset my password and try to login even then wrong password. Any help Brilliant

This will be the next big thing. If you ever to get into crypto currency, this is the app. it gives free currency all day. its not a scam, very legit. make sure to buy sone lomocoin if u want to be rich. love it

Latest updates make the app word very fluidly. Great crypto app. Can't wait to see it flourish in the US :D Use my referral code to sign up: 15FWiR Brilliant

updates, that finally started working a little. I get banned with no explanation of why. GBK Fantastic

Biased review because I'm heavily invested int LMC. That said, it makes a lot of sense incorporating the app with real world uses for every day transactions Fabulous!

I like the app and the concept behind it. I rate it 3 stars because I get kicked off a lot, and it freezes. The team is very responsive though, and I expect the glitches to be fixed soon. Amazing!

Updating my old rating. After fixing the bugs, the app now works fine and smooth. Better than ever. Thanks to the dev team for listening and working on the issues immediately. Before the update, even though it was laggy, it worked fine. Now after I updated it, it takes longer to check the map and I cannot even load my messages and profile. :'c I miss opening red envelopes. Superb!

With a few bugs here and there and a slowly decreasing number of spam, I can actually see this being used daily by everybody, but not earlier than 1-2 years. Still, a nice way to farm or share crypto without adds and a really great wallet as well. 5 star

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3 stars for now since this app needs some fixing to do. It usually lags and slows down. Cool

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