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New update. Not good लोकमत App खरच फार छान आहे. पण सध्याच झालेले update मुळे खूप problem येत आहे. विशेष करून हॅलो जिल्हा आव्रुत्त्यांत. त्यात एकच headline repeat दिसते. आणि क्लिक केल्यावर भलतेच काहीतरी उघडते. Plz हे नीट करा. Worth a go!

Quite good Need to provide font size setting also no.of news that I want to see per page. Strictly remove additional news at bottom side. Just wow

Nice App Very nice and useful app for those who didn't get daily paper early in the morning.

Nice App Required some updates like sometimes heading is different and below news are different observed.

Latest version is very slow Latest version is very slow. Earlier it used to load all text at once. Now because of images downloading is very slow. Black background is good

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