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It makes Locus more useful with google satellite images. A must have for Locus users. Not bad

A must have for a Locus users :) Get back all those maps in Locus that you've lost through licensing changes and updates e.g. Goole Maps etc. Fabulous!

Awesome!!!!! I've been looking for this solution for months now. Nicely done!!!! It's even better than before we lost access. Thank you very much Enjoy it!

UK OS maps If you want this app for UK OS maps forget it. They no longer work. Correction: If you get an OS key from Bing you can tweak the software to get the UK OS maps. Superb!

Another awesome addition for Locus. I can finally use my favorite terrain maps when out of range of mobile data. For those giving bad ratings when things break, remember that this is usually due to problems or changes from the map provider, not the plugin devs. Good

Not working on s3 Thought I couldn't get past PayPal donate screen. But it worked in the background 5 star

Yes! It's about time because mapquest sucks. It's cool I can use Google maps again. Superb!

Works very easy, must have for locus The PayPal predicament experienced by the user below me is because they hit the "donate to PayPal" button. Don't do that. The app is amazing, he's just rating his IQ. Muito bom!

Best backcountry app in the world No more need for printed maps anymore. Offline topos, routes and waypoints make for ready navigation with gps enabled.

If you use locus this is THE Addon. As above excellent. Bing os maps for me. SADLY IT HAS STOPPED WORKING. Now it's working again. love it

Doesn't work for Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I have Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, Kitkat 4.4.2. It doesn't show map from Google. Any body have same problem like me? Please advice. I tried in my Galaxy Note 3, it shows map from Google perfectly. Brilliant

Important! Very important add on for locus. Is 1 star short of 5 stars due to content(the maps; I wish there were more). Superb!

doesn't work on 4G cnx This is a great app, but the recent update (Nov 24, 2013) did not fix anything for me. My problem is that none of the maps added by this add-on are accessible via my 4G connection (MetroPCS), even though the ones built-in to Locus work fine. The added maps do work fine on wi-fi. Also, it would have been nice if the app had kept the ArcGIS name from the time when ArcGIS was built in to Locus. When I updated Locus and lost ArcGIS, I got it back with this add-on, but because of the name being changed to ESRI World, I had to go in and manually change the names of my SQlite databases to be able to continue to use the tiles I had cached when it was called ArcGIS. Omg

Great while it lasted!! Mytopo stopped working! It will show in the map provider list, but won't download in online mode, and the map files downloaded for offline use don't work. I'll have to find a way to get usgs topos on locus, it's too useful.... Recommend to download Locus - addon Map Tweak APK.

Increases map options/functionality 10-fold This is absolutely what you need if you want to access the vast array of online maps that are available. Get this, it's no-brainer Perfect

Must have Locus addon Everyone who uses Locus needs this. Sadly, MyTopo maps stopped working recently. wow lol

Adds several maps but no longer the one I used most, MyTopo USA :-( This adds several maps to choose from! Works great, quick and easy, one time deal. MyTopo USA is no longer supported :-(. How do I get it back? Surprisingly

So Good! Brings back the original maps offered in Locust before the evil owners of certain map databases said no more. Thanks!. Recommend to take Locus - addon Map Tweak APK.

Great addon for Locus! Great addon for Locus! Not all sources working though (the one I tried): AmudAnan in Israel, Statkart in Norway.. Recommend to get Locus - addon Map Tweak APK.

Crashes... Crashes with Locus 2.8.6 on Motorola Razr Maxx with right after clicking "Let's go". Previous versions always worked. Great!

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