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This gives a perfect lock for girls and it is also very much interesting wow lol

خوب بود....ولی میتونست بهترم بشه....ولی درکل ایول Just wow

Easy to use. I like the bubbles shaped to a heart But The Ads ruin it. Is there a way to get rid of them??? I will give 5 stars if there are no ads. Perfect

Lock Screen Can easily protect my phone. It uses less battery and I will recommend it to my friends any time. Marvelous

I like the way it is Its a great app if only it could be more shapes not only heart but its great u should download it . Not bad

بسیار عالی معلومه زحمت زیادی کشید شده Great job

Awesome It looks beautiful , the only problem is if you delete the app the lock goes away Worth it!

It so perfect! The pics are crystal clear and so beautiful!! Anyone thinking about this app unspoiled get it its amazing Fantastic

I loved it sooooo much You should totally amazing you should download this app. Also the pictures for the lock screen wallparper are so cute and are the best graffics that you will ever see. Don't listen to others who say it sucks download it now Superb!

Ook ;D I really love this app, it gives me a lil touch to my phone, get it, touch, Kay bad pun Surprisingly

خیلی زیبا و کارامد هست دست گلت درد نکنه.ممنون Marvelous

I hate this app it doesn't work plus u might need to improve on having no adds on this app Great job

दिल ❤ लगानें से अच्छा हैं, पौधे लगाएं, वो घाव नहीं, कम से कम छाँव तो देंगी.. Works great

Its amazing i am fan number 1 This is the best app that i have never seen on the world its amazing Worth it!

Interressant! Il est assez interessant, en tous cas il est different de la majorite des lock screen sur le market! Pretty good

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