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Used to work really well, but now it randomly turns off without me realizing it. And then my phone rings in church or messages wake me up at night. I have a Pixel. Highly Recommend.

Love the update for ICS, but the option to split Call and Notification volume seems to have dissapeared with the UI change, unless I'm just looking in the wrong places Works great

I have been using locale since early beta. I was a bit put off by the price when they started to charge, but after a couple weeks without it, i simply had to have it back. It's just that good. Surprisingly

Works well been using it since the first droid phone. Used to use battery more than expected. Note 8 doesn't seem to be a problem. Marvelous

I only use it to make sure I hear the phone when my husband or child's school calls, but it's been flawless and easy to set up for that one function Surprisingly

Probably one of the most useful apps out there! Been power user of this since 2013 and it's still in daily use. Just wow

Very useful app on a Samsung S8+, takes a little getting used to but worth persevering. Don't forget all the third party extensions. Must have

I use this app to automate my phone. In my busy role, it has simplified actions that I would have to take time to manually do! Awesome

I've set up three locations and it reliably switches in each one. For the future it would be good to have more options for what you can set in a location, such as the notification time, and the ability to manually set a collection of properties. Muito bom!

One of the most useful apps I have on my phone! Only thing this app needs is a way to backup the situations and settings. Perfect

Back to awesome! Thanks for suggestion. Edit... unstable again weird as it was working. New Samsung phone could be the issue. Just wow

edit: new phone same problem 3rd edit: installed to support developer as I've used this app for years but turned off & using Tasker instead Works perfectly

Used for years but seems a little slow and unresponsive lately. Edit: tried your suggestion, same result but thank you for responding. App still useful once it gets going I guess 2nd edit: new phone same problem wow lol

Used for years but seems a little slow and unresponsive lately. Edit: tried your suggestion, same result but thank you for responding. App still useful once it gets going I guess 2nd edit: new phone 4 stars Works great

Love it and my colleagues enjoy my new lower ringtone volume. Also saves me battery since it can shutdown your WiFi during the night as an example. Fabulous!

Have used Locale off-and-on for many years and has generally been pretty good, with the exception of using excessive battery at times. On my Google Pixel the battery usage has been minimal - very nice! My only issue however is that my "At Work" situation doesn't recognize when I've left work or my "Asleep" situation doesn't appear to end until I wake the phone an "use" it some. It could be that if I left it alone it would eventually recognize I've left work or that my asleep interval has elapsed, but I've not been that patient as of yet. I've excluded Locale from the battery optimizations but I still no joy. The "Face down" situation seem to get recognized when the phone is flipped faced-down/up. Given how minimal my battery has been impacted under Android 7.1.2, I won't ding it too much. Overall I'm satisfied and would recommend. Flawless

Awesome way to manage your phones settings automatically. Had some problems, but seems stable now. Fantastic

App works wonderfully. No idea why people say they are having issues. Probably a case of user error, not app error. Incredibly easy to setup and figure out. Just wish there were more situation settings for other apps. Flawless

Very useful app. I've used it for years on several devices. 4 stars because it often closes so events don't trigger. There is no indication it's closed other than an event not triggering, which is usually too late. Just wow

Used it for years worked great last month or two it not finding my locations, or turning on or off criteria doenst work consistently Just wow

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