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Enable alerts Cool idea. But one is missing chats. If there was a way to be notified incase of a chat response. Then you are 5star Worth a go!

Really Impressive, the app provides a platform for young people to interact and share both professional and business ideas,. Encouraged to download. Perfect

Not bad but First, You need to work on your UI. I believe it can be improved, like trying material design Then the UX is terrible from my point of view. And you definitely need to work on that. I want to enjoy the experience when I use the app but currently I don't at all. The app is so unfamiliar with things a common user doesn't understand, I don't like the flower and awe stuff (is it a decoration or?). Worth it!

I love it. It's just amazing This is the best Kenyan app, I have ever seen. I am sharing it with all my friends. Highly Recommend.

LIVELUVO is one of the most functional apps I have used so far. It gives you an opportunity to learn and give back to the community. If you are passionate about people you will love LIVELUVO. Go well

Nice app. Nothing better than everything. Learn,do business, know what you want. Enjoyable!! 5 star

Great I love the simlified way of connecting ans sharing of info and services. Keep improving. Just wow

Its the best Entreprenual platform for exchange of ideas and great learning. Its the best so far Good

Am hoping and really hoping this will change my life coz i just saw a sponsored ad on IG about it and rushed to just download it. Brilliant

Jed Ondiko This App to download .. I love the new features. I can connect with my clients and friends privately Works great

Perfect This is a community! A place I can connect with people in a secure environment. Very reliable. Marvelous

The guide. Just download LiveLuvo. It is awesomely efficient and gives you the best business experience. love it

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