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It was amazing Highly Recommend.

The game is amazing i dont know why people give it a one star or two i love the game alot and thanks for the amazing time Just wow

I just love this... Waoooo... Wht a fabulous game... Everybody like this... I would gladly recommend everyone to install this game.. wow lol

Your just not plsying the game right. Your suppose to by new food with the mony you make. Then you cook the food. Now does that sound so hard. Highly Recommend.

Babybus is my favourite game company ever! Loved it!!!! Perfect!

It's being good to be a chef it's nice game for us and kids too. Very nice game Perfect!

Very good download it Just wow

It's very nice. But can you make a game like it ,but a bakery shop and I make the people's order. Fabulous!

Perfect Must have

This game is amazing ♥♥♥ this is the best game ever , download people it so good. Flawless

This game is very good and all the baby bus games are good cuz they have 3d graphics and also good controls! Pretty good

This game is very good and all the baby bus games are good cuz they gave 3d tyoe of graphics and also good controls! Recommend

Well if it had the. Same Control from the PANDA bake shop game it would be better Surprisingly

This game is stuck!!What a shame!this game is good for children but it is stuck!!I want to uninstall this game now!! Not bad

it is super duper fun to play . and becuse I am the number 1 fan of baby bus games I think itis the best Cool

It's amazing i play these many they are waraste this is best,super and wonderful. Worth it!

Best ever.... Cool

What a beautiful and awesome game? I will never bored if such of this game continue produced..... THANK YOU BabyBus Kids Game for such a wonderful game. Realy liked ittttt.....! Just wow

I thank they should make a new one Fabulous!

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooòoooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddddddddd love it

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