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I put a rating as you can see. Including one dress is missing from the candy kingdom. Well done!!

Great game I love it. But the dresses are locked. I got all the dresses but the demo game pops up in between the game. And I thought you could fight the witch because I read and it said you could fight the evil witch. love it

Baby bus all games are super and they are perfect for kids . Please rate this game Marvelous

برای اون کسی که میگه کفش آبی رو نمی خره میخره که! Well done!!

یکی بگه چرا می خوایی کفش آبی روبخری نمی خره Fabulous!

This is sooo good game i ever play in my life. I just can't explain guys. Recommend

عاشقشم من اصلأ این بازی رو پاک نمی کنم Amazing!

Nice game for young girls. The voice acting is repetitive and a bit stiff but can always be turned down or off if it becomes annoying. Muito bom!

I love this game very very very much please baby bus make another princess dress up games because I love this game very very very very very very very very much love it

Works perfectly

Not bad

Great job

love it


Go well



Muito bom!

Go well


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