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Good BECAUSE it teaches little people or big people if they're going to be a real earthquake and I'm in interested in earthquake because I'm learning it at school Go well

Its teaches a game about how to be safe and 安全 and safety first about earthquake Cool

It's great for people for children and they live in California because it will teach kids how to be safe in a earthquake Just wow

Excellent game. Babybus really outdid themselves. The tips really helped when I and my family faced a minor earthquake. This game teaches kids how to be safe in a fun and interactive way, without scaring them much. Omg

This game will show you how to safe yourself from earth quake it some time get stuck but nothing a problem Try it and download it Oh no earth quake help me by by Marvelous

Super well done hiw sats its bad you well.. Are bad if this is correct plz say yes Surprisingly

IT SO EDUCATIONAL FOR MY SISTERS! I really like the game and my sister always play all your games so i decided to try it out and it was really cool and educational you can like learn alot of things and everything! Highly Recommend.

It Is So Good Because It Teach People Especially Kids To Survive The Danger Of Earthquake. I Really Like It.Please Make A School Game. I Will Support Your Game Until The End.......Please Make It...Thank You..... Go well

This game is amazing but please you should add more level otherwise I'm give you five stars Cool

เกมส์นี้จำลองเเผ่นดินไหวได้ดีมากของชื่นชมนะ Great!

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This games tells us earthquake safety .It have new safety also that we didn't know. It's good game... Worth it!

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I love it I love the idea 5 star

❤❤❤❤❤❤ This game was cool you need to download it.Im 6 and im 10 so i playde this 4 years can you make more of them app was so cool and your other app was cool Recommend

AWESOME It's an awesome game I love it when I played it it was pretty cool the only down side is you hide in the same spot Perfect

Earthquake in Roblox? Me and My brother,Ethan, played ROBLOX Natural Disaster Survival. I must follow the tips. I forgot. If I ran towards a tree, I will later got stuck. Last time, I dragged MoMo into a tree! Pretty good

My sis loves it! My Lil sis loves your games if you look at her apps there are so many baby bus games!I love your games too! Surprisingly

Earthquake in Roblox? Me and My brother,Ethan, played roblox natural disaster survival, I must follow the tips. 5 star

i really really like it because learning while playing is more well fun! if i have a chance im going to tell my friend about this game Fantastic

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