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This app worked out perfectly as it should. I ordered my pizza, ran to the gas station. Used the pizza portal to pick up my order and was done in no time at all! I really enjoyed the experience and would do it again. I absolutely loved it! 5 star

Works as advertised. Half of the 1☆ reviews complaining about simple things like the fact that Little Caesars doesn't deliver. Marvelous

WOW!!! Usually waiting in line takes so long we dread going to the store especially with little kids. With this app, the app let us know at home when it was done. I was in and out in 2 minutes even with kids with me. And the pizza was so fresh it was fantastic!! Awesome job guys!! Pretty good

My pizza is always hot this way. Some stores that are new to the oven , won't have your order ready. Then you wait forever . Cool

Limited to 6 toppings. Extra something counts as 1 topping. Should be able to get as many as you want if you're willing to pay like in stores. Fabulous!

The app is for the most part a glorified digital menu with nutrition info. There are a few locations that you can use the app to order. With no location close enough to try ordering, 3 stars is all I'm giving till then. 5 star

So, in order to order anything, you have to click the location button, in the top right, put in your location. There should just be an order button and then have it ask your location, not the other way around. If fixed, will definitely give this 5 stars. Great!

Just wanted to say that you can in fact place orders through the app. My store wasn't trained on the new feature so I had to wait a bit, but that's not the fault of the app. Brilliant

The lunch combo does not give the option for cheese or pepperoni. Also, when I called the store, it doesn't reflect the toppings or the pick up time for my order. 5 star

The app works great, I built my pizza and paid for it. Got a notification it was ready, walked in and gave it my code had my pizza. Could not have worked better. Fantastic

App works great!! You must allow the app to have your location before you can order. The person that suggested the competitor must be a competitor. A+ Marvelous

They fixed the not having an order option so it's a lot better than what it used to be. Fabulous!

Easy to order and pay online and a speedy pick-up. Will always order this way from now on. Omg

Needs to remember the store that you order from so that you don't have to select a store every time. Amazing!

This app works great for me and my Little Caesars. My family uses it at least every other week to order lots of pizzas for lots of friends. Pretty good

This app is still being tested and only available in limited markets. I happen to be in one of the test markets and scored $5 off my first app order. Good

The app is ONLY useful if your store specifically is using the app for ordering. Mine is not. Most smaller towns will NOT be using the app at all. It is good for knowing what is currently on menu though. Everything they do is to keep the costs lower for us though. I think eventually all the stores will be running it. I am annoyed that they won't take my credit card over the phone, and let your friend/kid pick it up. You can only pay in person. Whatever Little Caesars. Omg

I know a lot of people have said the ordering does not work for them. It did at my local store, so it may be a YMMV kinda thing until it rolls out everywhere. wow lol

I like the app. My only quarrel is I can't customize my pizza; I have to choose from the pre-loaded options. It's a great app other than this. Im not experiencing any of the other issues other folks are complaining about. I'm using a Stylo 3 on MetroPCS. love it

The app was working fine for me for the past couple weeks, but now it won't let me place an order. I can only find store locations and look at the menu. Also I had a really bad experience a couple weeks ago. I had to wait an hour for food. I ordered through the app. A ton of other people just walked in, waited 5 minutes and then walked out. It was super annoying. All I got for that was a free order of crazy bread. Amazing!

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