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I don't know why this app has so many 1-Star reviews. It's fabulous if you know what it is and how to use it. Send high quality content to friends and family thanks to Link Sharing! I was glad to find this feature pre-installed. 5 star

I like it because i like sending big files. My only issue is the daily 2GB limit. Other than that it does what it says. And for the ppl who dont want this app. Just disable or uninstall it. Simple as that. Amazing!

Access to share almost with any applications on Play Store! Apart from the "ShareIt App"... I would rate this Samsung app best sharing app up till present time. The app should most definitely continue for a couple of years ahead before anything else (other similar applications) can outperform the Samsung one. Over all: Fantastic App! Super user friendly!!! :-) Ps: 10+/10 Highly Recommend.

SORRY I DON'T SHARE ANYTHING. Lol totally kidding. Well I do like this concept it's very cool idea and it really excites me. Always wanna try new stuffs so yep I'm in. Idk why people giving it low ratings. Worth a go!

All the people that are complaining about not being able to disable or force stop the app or uninstall will you please try again and quit complaining. I can uninstall and disable and force stop the app. And it's a great app. Marvelous

I have used this app and its works amazingly. Helps with content sharing without compressing the original quality. Currently i am experiencing problem in accessing the link sharing icon in the share panel. It doesnt show up on the share panel and hence i am unable to use it. Kindly provide support for the same. Amazing!

The best App if added App sharing feature too..... hope will be added the same alsi Perfect

I don't know what it does, I don't even know how it looks but one thing I know is that it disappears after restart Not bad

I don't understand why this app is getting such bad reviews I think it's awesome when I want to send a video file that is too large to send as an attachment to anyone on my contact list I use Link sharing they get the link and can view the video it's that simple it doesn't add bloatware it doesn't suck up memory it doesn't suck up battery and it doesn't run until you purposely activate it Enjoy it!

Hands down the best way to send videos and all other large files without compressing them or losing any quality Just wow

Please can you make it easier to get the app shortcut, I'm struggling to get the app shortcut on homescreen Just wow

Who says that you can't uninstall it? I removed mine from my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge with no problems at all. It's not rooted either. Because I use other software for large file sharing, I didn't need this as well. 3 stars because I'm neutral here. Fantastic

Why is everyone so mad? You get a day to share 1gb of data for free, it can come in handy! Well done!!

Extremely useful FREE feature. I literally don't see any option to pay anywhere, and yet people complain about it being preinstalled. Marvelous

This app is great for quick sharing. I use it a lot and I really appreciate it. All the people complaining here about this few MB app getting up their storage and bloatware blah blah...don't listen to them. Thanks again developers. Highly Recommend.

A great way to share large files with people. The option of using a code for them to access files for a limited period is also a good feature. To those who moan the only bloatware on the S8 are the Microsoft apps the rest are part of buying into the Samsung Experience Works perfectly

Great for sharing large files! Only issue is that I've been told by the person receiving my shared files that they can't save the files. wow lol

I don't mind preinstalled software. Plus I do alot of file so this app, definitely comes in handy. Thank you, Samsung! Worth a go!

Get a new phone and you won't have all the unwanted apps they don't make u have them or put them on the newer phones Enjoy it!

To all the people who have written a view on this app to say they can not unistall it, YOU CAN........... at the top of the application on playstore it gives me the option to UNISTALL THE APP Surprisingly

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