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Nice app and I like it I think there shod be a practice before the game and a line runner 2 Just wow

I have played it when I was little but when I got my own device I couldn't play it. Enjoy it!

Nice. Reminds me of an old iOS game called Run Stick Run that had sick menu music and similar graphics. Must have

Line runner is great. It's not to hard to play and there are different challenges Go well

Great game! Really fun, and kills time. Fun to compete back and forth to beat scores. Highly recommended! Cool

Simply brilliant! Brings me back to 1st Nintendo handheld console where you row a boat at sea left and right to pick up all parachutes falling from the sky...hours upon hours of stiff concentration. Thanks to the makers of this one !¡!♥ Surprisingly

Fun but annoying As fun and joyabke the game is, these adverts appear to frequently making it frustrating to play the game for even 3 minutes, that and they're 24 seconds. It's best to just restart the game Worth it!

Awesome but ads I love this game. Its the only game I even need on my phone but the ads are infuriating. I would gladly pay $1 to get rid of them if only it were an option. Muito bom!

Cool Guys the only way to get da adds away is to turn ur wifi off on ur phone while playing da game Enjoy it!

Line Runner - Review Line Runner is decent; pretty reminiscent of old flash games on the internet. The objective is simple: run, jump and roll your way to a higher score. With ten different tracks (layouts) to choose from, it'll keep the players busy, with multiple ways to tackle them. I really liked this game until I noticed something which ruins the game completely... ads. You are bombarded with unskippable fifteen-second long ads. However turning off your Wi-Fi can fix this. The game itself is fairly laggy, too. Perfect

Line runner It's such a great game but quite tricky but if you atualy take time on it you will get a great high score!! Go and click on that button of getting it and you will love it just love it. It keeps freezing a bit but just wait and it will be better after!❤❤ Omg

Crashes automatically If it's bug, but please try to remove it. I like to play this game but couldn't without crashing down every time. love it

Addictive This game is very fun and addictive I think its one of the best games I've played.

Hard and fast It was very fast and hard. I keep on losing at the first part of the game and there is a lot of adds popping up .But I say no thanks.But it is very fun

Used to work great.. But now it keeps lagging, playing ads in the middle of games, and shutting down. Uninstalling.

PRETTY GOOD!!! I really like this game. But can you please get rid of all the horrible pop up ads and videos?!?!? I mean its really addicting and everything but the adds are horrible!! Please fix it. Then I'll rate five. Thanks Works perfectly

Lags on my phone It will lag in milliseconds and it causes me to die within the first second I play. Great job

it was so so It was fun yet addicting and to addicting so if you don't want to be glued for hours at a time I don't recommend it. Good

Suggestions, Make sure that you are not doing anything for other people ok and make it easier to use jump please :) ;) Recommend

This game is the most amazing game on my tablet pc. Perfect

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