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Limbo: dark, fore boding and totally merciless. Run jump and puzzle your way through certain gruesome death. The only bad thing i can say about it is the touch control takes a little practice having an option for fixed buttons might help. Oh and good luck getting the no-death run achievement. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ Marvelous

Art. Beautiful; haunting to recall and relive when on a run in the dark pre-dawn. Who knew a story of innocent fear and sacrifice could be addictive fun? Entertaining and clever puzles that always -- eventually -- feel fair. The perfect blackness and infinite contrast possible on OLED displays is taken full and thrilling advantage of. Not bad

Best game ever to come across play store at this price. Highly recommended for people to download and the best part is after you complete the game clear Data and the game starts as fresh. Perfect!

Most of the reviews in here already says it all. So the only thing I have to say is, "Thank you for the huge discount." I'm so happy I can play this now in full. I hope you guys develop an Android version of Inside. I will surely pay for that awesome game in its full price. Cool

If there was ever a mobile game deserving of your money, it's this one. The art will give you shivers and the game play is more satisfying than you're ever likely to encounter in a game with such a simple interface. Surprisingly

Completely different from the earlier games that I have played. The game is short, but very smart. The obstacle course is very exciting, but the ending was open ended (Looking at the dark nature of the game, they could have looped the game infinitely. The name would have been more relevant then.) In some areas gaming controls could have more sensitive, but that could be my phone ! Works perfectly

I have a new phone and it doesn't seem like my game was saved in the cloud from my previous phone. Saved data does not appear to be available. The game wants me to start from the beginning. Awesome

Limbo is dark and dripping with despair, and it conveys everything perfectly with its sound design and visuals. Runs pretty smoothly. The controls are so-so. Some puzzles near the very end of the game were quite rage-inducing, though, I'll admit. Surprisingly

The game run smooth before but now it keep closed itself. Overall ,the game is pretty nice to played if you like puzzle things. I hope they fix this problem because i cant play it anymore. 5 star

This is an amazing game. I wouldn't have known it existed without Jordan Underneath. 100/10 would play again! Highly Recommend.

I know the game is amazing however, a smokey screen pops up in my device whenever I play it. I have no clue whether is it a feature or a bug Good

Game starts fine but after 10 seconds the screen changes to a lighter but very pixelated screen but can't see much and makes it harder to see and to play. love it

Most of the reviews says it all. All I have to say is, Thank you for the huge discount. I'm so happy I can play this now in full. I hope you guys develop an Android version of Inside. I will surely pay for that awesome game in its full price. Just wow

Relies too much on playing the same 10 seconds of a level over and over 1,000 times to find the exact way to move to pass to the next level. Becomes very tedious. Must have

Awesome game.Just awesome! Pkaydead - Guys you definitely should do more games, like huge numbers of them...Thank You. P.S. "INSIDE" just blew my head off. Pretty good

I love the game but i cant get the achievements. The first time i played i was offline. When i played online i tried to get the achievements, especially the first one many times but nothing happened. Otherwise is a 5 star Great job

This game is a good puzzle/time waster. It's about four hours long, and if you like to achievements. This game wont steer you wrong on having fun getting them. I can only say don't get caught in Limbo. Surprisingly

What can I say? ITS JUST AWESOME! I just finish the game and although in the end of the game left with a lot of question mark either the boy find his sister or he is actually dead from the very beginning, to me the story itself not necessary important. Whats important is the gameplay of the game itself. You guys nail it. Thank you. Flawless

It's buggy on Google Pixel with Oreo, it looks like a graphics problem, the screen looks like covered by white filter, please check it out and fix Worth it!

Perfect platformer puzzle for modern times. Controls are not friendly. Did you play Another World back in the day? Limbo is the game for you. It's a short adventure, fairly easy, but truly enjoyable. I would like to have seen more animal enemies and more intricate mechanics, but I hope that's up for a sequel. Omg

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