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Love it Just one thing why does the pro version have to be paid for it mean it's just a wallpaper Not bad

Awesome 5 out of 5 stars! The colours are so pretty. That's why I love it!! Thank you to whoever made it!!!!!! Just wow

Sync colour with battery level! Very cool. Will up vote to 5* after I've used for a while and see how it affects battery life... Muito bom!

It's great. It may take a little more battery but I like the beauty of the background. Well done!!

Works and looks great on Galaxy 6 Works and looks great, have not noticed any major battery drain in most settings Omg

Great app! I really like this app it's amazing but I wish they added more features for this version but it's still a great app 5 star

Backgrounds are amazing I wish that I could use this app more, if it weren't for my blasted phone's small storage. I customized my own pick and used that for a good year. For live backgrounds this is a must-have. Surprisingly

It's a good WALLPAPER... But the daydream is broken. It crashes settings when I try to configure it there and it rarely triggers, when it does, only for a few seconds. 5 star

a bit of a glitch I guess... when I choose the wallpaper, I get a black screen. It works sometimes and I really like it. THANKS !!! Recommend

The best but It interupts with my touch functions on my galaxy J2 to give a slighty sketchy feel when trying to open other applications or when scrolling sideways. Can u improve it wow lol

Favorite app! Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This app is awesome. Runs smoothly and doesn't drain my phones battery. I'm using the lite version, but I love it. It is so customizable. My current background is 4 different colors that all fade at different times. I love it! (Edit 7/25/15: Finally bought pro) Brilliant

Nice but... It barely lets you change the background. For everything I want, I have to get PRO version. Can you please update so you can do more with the wallpaper than just change the color. Other than this, I guess the app is cool. Must have

Love it I love it but it does not show on my lock screen fix it now and I can only pick two of them and then I can't none of them I'll will delete it if u don't fix it and I mean it Perfect

Grid I love this application because you can do so many things with it I highly recommend this Muito bom!

This s awesome!! I have had this for a while, and all of my friends have asked me how I got this. Good

Is Pro worth it? It looks cool, but there isn't any kind of trial for the Pro features. And that's a problem, because way too many of the features are exclusive to the Pro version. Probably more people will buy it if you give some way of testing it without committing. Fabulous!

Very good This is a well made app with lots of descriptive settings if you were looking for a good background app I recommend this one even though you have to buy pro to get some things which is reasonable because it is a good app

Pretty cool This is nice and looks cool. Better than other ones out there because it is very customizable. There is a slight increase in battery drainage, but it is still very cool and gets people to look at my phone in a different way. Go well

Epic live wallpaper of history Awesome I bought the pro version just want to rate this one too. Very customizable, smooth, alot of options. its like multiple LWPs in 1. I have the hexagonal on my phone and the square on my car stereo looks and works great. Superb!

AMAZING. period Great app that responds to your finger movement. Fully customizable and stunning quality

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