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Really best game .it's super. Really bal chanda iti .maja a gaya.please try guy's. Good job 5 star

I love this game it is more easy and best graphics this is best game of football game ever love it Perfect!

Awesome game developers... Just one thing more to be added is a career mode please really want it... Else everything is great the gamelay is very good ...controls are nice and easy to play are cool even... The best football game ever...thank you... Please add career mode ...thank you once again Muito bom!

Unbelievable game guys Actually I love the thing in this game that the players support us while we are attacking to win Awesome Just wow

Control just improve pls.. Then overall awesome I love it Tnks for this game released members... ❤ Works great

Make a basket ball game PLS like a real game not just swipe to shoot make like an actual basketball game pls Worth it!

The controls are absluty cool but the thing is relley is anoying is the teams beucase on some they is a lock but the game is relley good game deffently if you like foot ball . The game is good to play on l love it Brilliant

Nice game.but they are some clear drawbacks and in the which make it very boring .1. We can not select we team Worth it!

It is an interesting game. it is a blockbuster. I have not seen this Omg

I am playing this GE in every phone of my parent phone because I love this app Works great

My favourite game is foot ball and this game is very good for me I loved this game is very much Just wow

Nice game I liked it but it need some improvement on control. The player is not changing its direction instantly. wow lol

It's a good game, but please do some improvements like while playing in the very easy mode, i can score with the goalkeeper. My maximum score was is a very good game but please check out these problems. Works perfectly

I love this game good control good graphic little ad but it's nice it's like a 3D game I am never played like this game I like this game so much so that I loved it I give heat of 5 stars I like this game so so much thank you very nice wow lol

Y are u giving unlocks for famous teams....its very costly to give rate to that teams its not fair guyz....although the game is good... Recommend

This game awesome and And I loved it very much. The controls are superb.... Keep updating and correct the spellings of the players.... The game is fine You can install it and enjoy very much..... love it

This game is good but it should have other teams like real Madrid, Barcelona, etc and players like Ronaldo Messi naymar and many more. Highly Recommend.

Its my most favorite soccer game and love sport thank you subscriber I hate reading an writing also inquiry there suckers Fantastic

This game is very good I like it very much When I am playing this game I just like I am on the ground this is my first football game that I have download in my mobile I liked very very very much this game thank you Go well

The game is good but when I purchace locked club then it fail to unlock and my money is gone... Works perfectly

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