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Its an awesome game but please add more features in this game like world cup and international and domestic games Worth it!

Thank you guys for creating this lovely game. I like it, only one thing is, can you Increase top speed on my players,,,so I can play in,,,normal and hard mode ,, Pretty good

It's awesome. Its unrealistic but everything else is just what ive always wanted Worth a go!

Wierd usually fifa would be a lot more annoying but this game goes to the fames quickly Highly Recommend.

I love how the stadium looks like but you should get players and clubs names right wow lol

It is all good about graphics and controls but I don't understand Y the some leagues are not opening it is asking to buy Good

Good game but try to do more graphics good and made controls more better and others things are good Surprisingly

It is world best football game of 2017 it control is very good it graphic is good 5 star

Good for new to football Mobirix shall try for a nother game of this kind with better graphics .Good! Cool

Best offline football game on android.It has many features.If graphics are further improved it's just superb. Omg

It's great just unlock the. Good national teams like usa,Argentina,Brazil,etc please and it will be the greatest most best game Recommend

Oh my gosh this is the coolest game I ever played thanks. Make more soccer games pls wow lol

The best football game i have ever played it is too good even it is better than FIFA Perfect!

Its A very interesting game and the game graphics is very good and easy control and everyone should try to download Well done!!

This is the best game I have ever played loved it thank you this is awesome game than any other....... 5 star

Everything is awesome but I think u can improve celebrations after scoring a goal Recommend

Every nice game. Good work developers. Works well for me. My smart phone doesn't have much ram... but so far so problems. I'm enjoying it. Good

THIS game I loved it the controls are very nice and graphics luv it but i am going front then the player is going right otherwise the game is awesome Perfect!

Nice game everything is OK but put the multi-player game because competing with anyone feels nice love it

If you will unlock all the teams it will be more and more interesting and should be unlocked the career mode also Fantastic

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