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It is the best easy football game. I have made 12 scores and the other team has made 0 scores Brilliant


I love it it is the best i love it very very very much It is so good i feel to go in to my tablet Go well

Best football game for Please can you make great team like Manchester united Chelsea for free. Great job

its a good game but min or issues are there . lovefrom India I hated it because it not has sprint. playersare irritaded wow lol

This game is very nice and it was a great time burster and i can play this game in offline also Perfect

Its a nice gm but it will be better if u add camera angles ,as now we can play only frm sideline view if u add other views like goal line/TV/gosl to will make a gd impact #love frm wow lol

Very little to complaint, this is quite a decent football game app. The only issue I will say is that the controls could be improved, particularly the sprinting. Also at times they feel like they are too close to use them separately, so there is some room for improvement here. Rest, I will say is just top notch. The graphics, various customizing options including the option of increasing the speed. All in all a very enjoyable game app. Fabulous!

Please give an update that the game could play multiple with anyone else and can make your own club update. Omg

This game controle is good need little bit changes overall game is good and addictive. .....-!!!!!good time pass Nice game PLAYER WHO LOVE FOOTBALL MUST INSTALL THIS ....--!!!! wow lol

This game is awesome and fantasio. When i play this game first time i cloud not play first but as i play it in practice mode and than try it in the game i can play it Omg

I highly recommend this game. It is not heavy so even though your cellphone is not vary fast, you can play it. Worth it!

This games s good for such a small mb .but few changes. Can make it something more. 1.. Don't give just 8 sides joystick to point the players needed some more beyond 8 sides.. 2..then while shooting if I point a player in cros he is shooting straight these two are my problema Omg

I think it's a good idea and full time pass game good graphics and so much affectionate Great!

Overall its a good game but there are some minor issues in this game that should have been resolved so the people could enjoy more while they are playing & you guys can get more good rate! Love from Pakistan <3 Superb!

Thisgame is too good when ii take phone i plaay this game pls dwnload it and rate it and jo log is game ko worst likhege wo log kud worst hoge Works great

Excellent,graphics,gameplay and control ....very good.Highly recommended as dream league or real football by gameloft...please add commentator.... Good

Øsm game. Just improve it control system little more & also graphic to be the be best football game. Fantastic

It's a nice game but little mistake in that and that is there are no clubs . There should be clubs . But when I play this game I feel that I'm in a real stadium. Brilliant

Actually wat I thought was they should hv trial play bfore the real game bcoz everyone has to practise Great!

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