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Banner . I have a look at the moment. If the best of all ages, I will not sure about that I am going through my own business in Cornwall 9th of a bit more about this property. The first to add to your email. Find the cheapest price Recommend

Only cool app but this apl no saving replay(goal,foul do not saving.only one replay as saving.i am no liking this only Well done!!

The best futbol game ever! Must download it just give us the big teams like Brazil or Portugal or Argentina Fabulous!

Amazing game, but one issue is that Portugal and Argentina is couldn't not open whyyy? Superb!

This game is Very nice and I liked the graphic very much thank you for making such nice game Good

A wish from me and my friends that please bring indian super league teams please i wish you will make it soon Superb!

Its good but need some more improvements.Specially how to unlock those other league's. Give us a hint. Apart from that the game is awesome. Please let us know how to unlock those league's. Works perfectly

I realy love this game but if you use Joystick at your mobile phone it will be slow but i realy realy realy love this game. This is the best game ever i always use tottenham because the charater is crioch kauna puluceis midrec akitti keng lannin cirloku bussing and gimas this game is the best game ever you must download this game. Flawless

Think this is kind of like dream league but hope in the future this you would be able to play online with other people like dream league Fabulous!

I want like fifa graffic or nice control. But anybody if you saw this game , i tell you all , dont install it because this game afe fake Well done!!

Its a very interesting and competitive real my 5 stars Well done!!

Good game very interested but shoot button is not working sometime This is the problem Another one of the game is must beautiful Good graffic Fantastic

This game is cool but in this game some things are locked.Spanish league!!!!!!! That's locked, only English and Chinese league is unlocked. But there is Liverpool,Chelsea, Manchester United and arsenal are also locked!!!!!!. Then champion club cup is locked.And it sees that ‘before unlock this mode,you need to unlock all 4 league mode first!'. My angry bomb is just exploded.And all my favorite team in International Cup are locked. Omg

Amazing football game Hey football players I request you please give 5 stars in this game and download and play it. I love you very very much. Muito bom!

Add more leagues and cup games, make it more challenging this current one. Let us be able to buy payers, let's have earned coin points when you win a cup league ect. Fantastic

Seriously, can't you spell De Bruyne's name properly, you spelt his name as Da Broyna, and Man United as Mam United. Please change these mistakes. Just wow

It a good game but you need to add in the real thing like add in when footballers jump on others back and when they celebrate Flawless

I suggest an update soon as the game is so good I hope the developer updates it soon pliz Worth it!

This game is glorious....And one of my favorite games ......I like this game and its gameplay ......Love it Muito bom!

Over all it's a good game.I liked it very match.I am a fan of cricket but I like this game very much. 5 star

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