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Love these app. Love lifetime the revenge movies the drama the tv shows only reason I don't give these app. 5stars because needs work there's allot technical issues sometimes episode don't work some do some don't other than that wish was worked on, like lifetime love Unreal Fantastic

I get to watch full episodes of Bring it of all the seasons. Before they would only have a few episodes for a season or a few seasons displayed. I love the upgrade because now I can watch all the seasons and episodes. Plus, new episodes are on the app within a few days. However, too many ads and it laggs quit a bit. Please fix that problem. Otherwise, I love the app. Worth it!

Project Runway and Project Runway All Stars is why I have this app and I rarely come across any issues at all. I'm so happy I get to watch my favorite show wherever I am! Brilliant

I enjoy this app when it works. Unfortunately, it's data speed requirements are the top end of 4G, if it slows down at all, the app will cease working. Go well

It's ok for now. Simply because you get to watch so many episodes of a show then says *user not authenticated*. Yes, already have profile, signed in. Have to uninstall, reinstall, proceed with login process. Just wow

I really think it's awesome how it is free and lifetime had it all and some don't even have her trials or breathe movie that you can Fabulous!

Why can't I pause during commercials??? And the app is so slow! The transition to and from commercials is ridiculous. It takes forever. I know it's not going to be seamless, but it can be better than it is. 5 star

Free 100% and love dance mom's but the your show will continue shortly is very long and takes about 20 minutes to load Just wow

I would be on this app all day if you guys would have all the old school movies, and unsolved mystery's Pretty good

Great app. Because I am a full time RV'r and travel full time I am not able to get and use a DVR, so I really enjoy being able to catch up on episodes I miss of my favorite shows on Lifetime. Flawless

I love this channel they have good movies and shows. Was hooked from the 1st time I started watching love it

Only watch one show on ap but it's my favorite and I don't have to wait a year for Hulu, love it! Must have

I like the app has all my favs but like most people say it's upsetting that you need a cable provider since im currently moving idk if will keep me logged in and when im not home with the tv it aleays have the broadcast sign but when i get home it disappears and toooooo many ads Perfect

I LOVE the app Lifetime because I love watching Dance Moms with the teenage girls. I honestly love watching McKenzie Ziegler in season 1 doing acro dances. I recommend people to download this app now! Worth it!

I love this App lets me catch up on my show Little woman NY ATLANTA & LA & MY SHOWBRING IT Surprisingly

Binge on. It's awesome being able to catch up on any show from episode 1. The quality does get blurry at times and the app sometimes crashes if you briefly switch to something else like texting or email. Works perfectly

It tends to freeze up or quit on me at times but not often enough to uninstall it. I like the programs available too. Highly Recommend.

Lifetime has a vast array of different shows that are wonderful and inspiring. I love Project Runway and Project Runway All-star. I'm totally hooked! Enjoy it!

Love the high quality of the shows/movies. Don't like the ads though, they always play the same ones and too many:( . But overall I love it Superb!

i think i'm watching a tv in my bed but the only thing is the pauzing other wise its great Good

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