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Well, i'll say that this game has great resolution . Enjoyed it, but needs more levels Fabulous!

I love this game! I'm a huge fan of Boris and it's so cool to have a game of him! Super addictive! Cool

Gave it less stars as it seems that the game lost all support. ZERO content in a game as simple as this. Muito bom!

This game satisfies my cheeki breeki tastes. Now i must continue eating my tourist delight love it

I like the life of Boris YouTube e channel but the game smells like capitalism with all the adds blyat there were too many Not bad

I like the game , but could use a few tweaks on the Russian mayonez relay, it don't aim the way you is suppose to. Works perfectly

Amazing 10/10 true slav experience. Gameplay truely filled with emotion and excitement. My life has been changed forever Marvelous

Not terrible, but not great. Incredibly average in all departments. I am a big fan of boris and wanted to enjoy this game. There are only 10 levels in the story mode (so far) that do not leave off at a satisfying point. For how short and simple the levels are, there just aren't enough. Ads are far too frequent and annoying. This game needs to be finished. Fantastic

Cyka blyat!!! Guys if there are too many adds,try to enable airplane mode while playing the game. Perfect!

Its a weird point and tap adventure that includes Boris' amazing Slav voice as the narration for the dialogue that Chronicles each and every moment. Every level had me failing so I kept tapping the Hint buttons but it helped me learn more about being a Slav and how I should be proud of my heritage. The Slavonic Games determine true Slavic strength and courage, such as balancing over 2 jars of mayonez and making the perfect бутерброд блят. Needs more семечки и икра. Fantastic

Oy Blin! Its Too Short! But its teaching me how to squatting a day without eat,and the hardbass is great! 10/10 Blin! Fantastic

Thank you my brother for providing me with the true cheeki and breeki experiences. Cool

One of those Russian point and click games. The art is ok but the gameplay is rather boring. Still bought the game to support Boris Well done!!

it is great to play if you wanna be a true slav you need to go to russia and stay there for rest of your life and you will be full slav but about the game it is fun short but there is going to come more so i hope it comes soon Not bad

I really liked dis gyame, but I think it's too shyort. I em worryed for babushka, plz to myake next instyallment soon (wyith more squats, plz) Superb!

I love the art styles but also the game is to short please can you make another one Well done!!

Played the entire game and it teached me how to be SUPER SLAV 10/10 WOULD MAKE THIS A HOBBY STAY CHEEKI BREEKI FELLOW SLAVS! Fantastic

After playing, i have aquired unlimited squat ability. 10/10 would cheeki breeki again. Muito bom!

Boris, Your content is as beautiful as first snow in Estonian countryside, and I hope you continue to push out the top quality stuff you do. Works perfectly

This game is really good I enjoyed playing and I found out that ur from Lithuania my friend because if u check ur status it's shows where is the developer's as address thanks for that boris I'm Lithuanian 2 stay cheeki breeki! Recommend

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