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I have a washing machine and this is a great reminder when it's finished resulting in fresher cloths since they're rarely forgotten. Surprisingly

ایمیل وپسوردمواصلاقبول نمیکنه خیلی اذیتم میکنه Works perfectly

App registration of product was awesome. App notifications of laundry done is awesome. Wish downloaded washing made more sense or that customization of a load with app was easy and doable. Pretty good

Unlike the previous version, this latest version of the LG app is really pretty good. It was easy to set up and I like the updates. For some reason the weather temperature is presented in Celsius only with no way to change it to Fahrenheit. That's a real omission that indicates a very poor understanding of the American market. But otherwise it's a very simple and easily understood app that does indeed offer some value. Good

Any chance you can change the app so it can be relocated to an SD card from internal storage? - 12/3/2018 I don't think I'll ever get a reply. Not bad

Connects to my LG kitchen appliances just fine. Finicky on my laundry. My fridge was being difficult, but after unplugging it for 10 seconds, it connected to the app. wow lol

Hey somebody please Help !!!! I bought a Lg f10c3ldp2 From Dubai and using in Lahore Pakistan. Used this couple of time then it stops working when I start the machine lights starts blinking and machine create sound . Like, ton ton ton I Called LG center In Lahore since it's bought from Dubai it's warranty can't be claimed here . But In Lahore they don't have any good technician they sent me a guy who checked machine for 10 seconds and asked me to change Door lock which he told worth is 6000 pkr. And Charged 600 Pkr for visting. & when I changed door lock same guy said it's panel fault you have to change its panel which worth 15000 pkr. Now tell me guys what should I Do ??? Help. ...!!!!!! Well done!!

Very slow app. Used for washer. Takes 5-10 minutes to start and makes user read it's logo. If you do not watch then this app can disappear with a short notice on something such as "the washer is off" and you have to press ok to continue, if you miss it the app will stop. No extra benefit as the down loadable cycles only add names. The options are very similar to one of existing cycle. You cannot create your own cycle also. Once you review all of them then you will know that you don't need a download and probably this app also. Highly Recommend.

Not enough options I would like a small load cycle for more than a 3 pound load Perfect!

UPDATE: Originally I left a 1 star review. In May 2017 when I originally purchased the machine I couldn't get the phone to connect via the tab at all. It connected with other appliances so I knew it wasn't an nfc issue with my smartphone. Fed up of having to manipulate cycles for my wools (surprising it isn't a standard option anyway) I decided to give it another go. I downloaded the app again and then when it came to pairing with the phone it was instant (I placed it in the same place as last time so defo wasn't me). Clearly the developers have listened to customers and updated the app. I found a wool cycle and downloaded it, phone didn't even have to be right on top of the machine either just hovering nearby, and the cycle reset on the washer and was ready to go. This is exactly what I wanted so you deserve the newly updated 5 star rating guys Perfect

So disappointed. Was looking forward to using new technology on new washer after my 8 year old unit died but can't because this app cannot connect to the washer. The app was something that clinched the sale so tbh I've a good mind to return the washing machine as it's not as sold/described! It's a tag on washer and in no way shape or form, no matter how I hold or "connect" the phone the tag on won't connect and I can't utilise the machine to it's potential. Purchased LG as it's usually a great make but this is a huge let down Fabulous!

The app works perfectly, as designed. The trouble is with the instructions. Both the manual that came with my washer and the online manual are completely wrong. Personally I had little trouble getting it going. Good

The app launches and works fine for me (Pixel XL which some people seem to report problems with but I've never had it FC even once) worked fine with my washing machine for 1 month, then it stopped sending the cycle end notification. Odd, it still sends notifications for other things if e.g. you haven't closed door properly. And I can see status whilst running. But no cycle end notification any more, and there is no info on 'last wash cycle' either or on number of cycles either since it stopped sending the end of cycle notification. I've tried removing device from app and re-adding it, but behaviour remained the same. I think it is on machine side (or LG centrally) that notifications aren't being sent as it stopped at the same time on my wife's iPhone. Would be nice to get the notifications back...! Highly Recommend.

So it took a couple of weeks and a few chats/phone calls/emails to finally get this app communicating with my washing machine lol.. but I'm hooked up now so you can start collecting my data ;) I won't ever be using the app to remotely start my washing machine haha but as a reward for manufacturing a washer that allows me to choose the water temp, depth, cycle intensity, soak, extra rinse, rinse only, rinse speed and more! I will allow you to get some stats on how the washer is used :D Thanks. Muito bom!

It's fine. Used for LG washer and dryer. Sends notifications when cycles are done, which is all I wanted. Users who post that they don't like to turn on machine first are true, but be serious, you're physically in front of the machine putting in clothes. Is it that hard to turn on the machine so you can remotely start the thing later? Superb!

Its allways worked fine with my phone and Centum lg washer. I would like to know why though you cant download the 1 hour wash program that only shows up in the additional program list if you manually search for it. Highly Recommend.

Good for programming my washing machine but Wrong and unnecessary permisions needed on android 6 like access to files and media making calls!! Also the programs is not updated at all and they are like the first day. 5 star

How can I customize my own programs for a wash/dry combi???? I woud like to have a feature to combine programs in the app line blanket+dry( limit 8kg washing) Without Manuel setup Not bad

SO MANY BUGS Muito bom!

Installation instructions could be clarified a bit better. Make sure your register your device with LG prior to attempting to get this app to work. Once you've done that, the app works as advertised. Pretty good

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