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This app gets the job done, but could REALLY use a feature update. Sleep, calorie tracking, etc. Not bad

So I was out hiking the other day and forgot to turn off LG health. It racked up over 25,000 steps as I drove down the road. The app should know the difference in speed between walking and driving. Flawless

Ran a 3.4 mile trail in 45 minutes, after completing the trail I checked this app and it stated that I had only 2.4 miles for the entire morning. So disappointing. 5 star

It's simple with basic features but the tracking is not accurate compared to other apps. I like that it's basic but i think my LG Q6 needs a powerful health and training app like the the amazing Samsung health on the Galaxy series. Worth it!

When I run,the app records as walking almost 50% of each time. Also sometimes I think I am given more reward than I deserve like counting steps I didn't take when I'm sleeping. Overall the app is okay-ish but there is better Must have

Well it WAS good until today (march 13th) it says I need an accessory?? What does that mean... You say your bugs are fixed. Well why isn't my steps recordong today? Perfect!

Been having a problem- it says it's recording me cycling but I don't ride a bike so... Is it recording my time in the car and converting it to steps? Not sure what's going on... Muito bom!

The app is really helpful to keep track of your foot count and your regular workouts. The only(2) issues that i I've faced so far are, 1. Now there is no option for unit of water. It is set for Oz by default. 2. The counter is a bit inaccurate in detecting staircase-step movement. Kindly check and update. Keep working out. Omg

Great until the last update. I was on my feet for nearly 14 HOURS for work and it didn't record a step. It doesn't even acknowledge last week happened. Way to screw up. Brilliant

Its ok but it won't auto detect cycling meaning most of my commuting isn't recorded. It also records my walking pace as running around 20% of the time. It really needs a celebration option. Marvelous

Love the app but after update, i can't see my steps anymore, please could you fix it? Worth it!

I find the constant praise to be offputting. On days I miss my goal, I know I didn't do good. The app telling what a fantastic job I did on those days is annoying. Well done!!

I like it, it helps me track my movement, but Not Always.... Like today, I went skiing and it the application counted nothing!!! Not even a step! How can that be? I hope they fix this problem soon. Just wow

Need to improve and fix some bugs. I'm using lg g5 mobile , while I'm traveling this app is assuming that I'm walking and while I'm using my phone without any movement in my body, I was just moving only my phone at that time I have checked this app but it is showing you have walked this many of steps... Works great

Please add support to connect smart trackers. It is difficult to carry phone while running or exercising. Omg

How I connect my fitness tracker?? Fitness tracker data are more accurate with HRM and sleep monitor. Works great

Decent app but its inaccurate sometimes. I'll be in a car and it will be adding steps on the counter Brilliant

As s health App it's okay, not particularly accurate and the goals you can set are limited. The only fluids you can record is water and then it pesters you about it. It feels like a me too app that LG felt as though they needed to include. pity really as it should be much better. Fabulous!

Good app, but although it's rather inaccurate at times it usually sorts itself out. Great job

A great program but when recording a track, please return back auto pause and auto save when Phone is stopped work. Also export to GPX. Not bad

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