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Thanks for being useless so hell now I have an app to match my sorry ass. Hah forty four living at my moms with my woman who loves me to no end and I choose to make tons of fake shot and even pay to talk to all these no good chics behind her back I hope these fool tricks know I don't want nothing else but to use the time for myself ..just like this buckshot app. Worth a go!

Works well with my two LG "friends" (Cam plus and B&O DAC). And to those who complain, maybe you shouldn't have gotten a G5 in the first place... The app only takes about 4mb of space. So for it being actually useful for its purpose I give it a good rating. Surprisingly

No LG Friends People I know don't use this app nor they have LG phones..I wish I have the option to remove this app. Go well

No point of preloaded If u dont have any lg friends this app is just bloatware for u no point of using it .....G5 is great and even better if u able to get B&O hifi audio dac love it

Amazing If you have the money to buy the extras LG offers its great. iPhone and Samsung can't compare to LG Enjoy it!

Upload probs Can't seem to upload 360 photos to FB. Anyone else have issues with that? And a change log would be cool. Just saying, LG. Brilliant

Why so many complaints For me the app works great. Haven't run in to a single problem yet. Everybody seem to hate it for being a bloatware but i've found it useful many times and if you really hate it that much just hide it. TL;DR works great, neat features. love it

Camera Please update camera with 60fps 1080p, it's crazy that it supported on hardware but lacks on software. I'm currently using LG v10 camera app on G5 in order to film in 60fps which is ridiculous to be honest.. Not bad

All LG updates Why LG never inform users that what supposed to happen after each update? In both phone updates and apps updates. Superb!

Life's Good Easy to use, i am fully satisfied. LG always tries to bring new innovations to make life good. Pretty good

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