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This is very useful because now I can keep my brother out. This is so great because my dad didn't know how to open it. GOOD WORK GUYS :)! love it

When the switch is turned off it will not work. So, i am suggesting you to improve little more, don't take it seriously. Highly Recommend.

I love this app because you can remember the shape or number really easily and you can get in to ur phone quickly. Well done!!

Its good to ise whrn the running on the back ground but when I close the app it returns pls. Fix Fabulous!

Its so helpful and really secure my phone from strangers i love ittt Marvelous

Would be better if it didn't say on the screen -draw to unlock lol And my 4yr figured out how to unlock my phone in less then a minute Maybe u should hire him to test ur locks lol It's a funny and cool idea just needs some work Just wow

It amazing now I'm able to Lock all my apps so no one can touch it without my permits Works great

I think its an amazing app for people who don't have lock screen... So if you have lock screen in your mobile ; downloading this app is a waste of time... But thanks for creating the app Omg

I forgot my email and I could not do any password so I downloaded this app and it works Great job

Its very usefull , i like this app every body download it and you can fell fun if i lose my password i only open with pattern , this apps is good ty . wow lol

It is useful it keeps my friends from snooping in my phone if there where more stars I would give it a 10 Surprisingly

It's an amazing app with and it's better than using BORING passcodes and fingerprint. It's worth it to download! BEST passcode APP EVER Pretty good

I can't believe I found a app that actually works nicely love it

Actually works amazed because i download a hole bunch of apps like these and they suck so bad so mad at them Fantastic

I love love love this game!This is NOT a waste of time!Repeat NOT a waste of time!So clever and no one knows my password.Awesome game! wow lol

This app is amazing it is really fun to customize you can change the letter and it unlocks straight away you can change the color of your letter it could even be a sentence or a signature I can not stop changing my letters it is so fun you really should get this app Cool

It doesn't work all you have to do is just wipe over and then you're in the phone Perfect

Superbbb app i liked it very much because no one can open my mobile.thanksss a lot Superb!

S so far the coolest password on my phone, I mean my signature is at most recognized with no problems Superb!

Its really good but it takes much time for unlock properly cann't Draw on screen. Cool& Good

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