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Useful app but some annoying behaviour. For example, it keeps signing me out nearly every day so I miss the chat alerts and have to always sign in again and again.. Omg

Works nice, finally with an option to add your phone number which makes it easier to communicate between the buyer and seller. I am struggling with notifications though and the app keeps logging me out for no reason, that's why only 4 stars. Muito bom!

Great philosophy behind this whole app, however there are still some minor bugs that need fixing, such as notifications. I do miss the older version where one could see the distance of the items flickering. Perfect!

it unsubscribes me often,it is not good when somebody writes a message to me and i don't see it because of that wow lol

4 becauae already gave you rating and you are bothering me again and again to rate you 5 star

Save searches and notifications would help big time... For the sellers if there is something wrong with the ad, it just gets cancelled without giving a reason and everything needs to be reentered from scratch.. Highly Recommend.

Hreat App, but i didn't put 5 stars because keep falling down, it doesn't show any photo when i open it. shows the numbers of finds and no image at all. i tried to fix the app permissions and unisntall and install again, same problem since 2 days. i can't use it now. Amazing!

Idea behind LetGo is great. The implementation is so-so; the many bugs imply that they lack developers to fix them. Marvelous

The app never shows notifications, but apart from that it's a good and practical way to buy and sell goods at a low price from the people nearby Amazing!

Great job breaking a perfectly good app. Now it keeps logging out, useless. EDIT: Fixed and broken again with next update. Perfect!

There is no way how you can turn off those constant spammy notifications for good Worth it!

Ne izbacuje mi pretragu samo na području mog grada, nego samo šire i onda ne mogu vidjeti samo ono što mi je blizu. 5 star

Something is wrong with add icons. It says 20.000ads in slovenia but is see blank screen. Worth a go!

It is very good. I just don't know why I am getting the messages in chat so late.( after two days, when somebody send it to me)! Surprisingly

The last update ruined the app, now it just shows less items even when u select whole country, second when u go in photos and when u get back u start at the beginning of search list Works perfectly

Ahoj Letgo! Appka fajn, ale default odpověď zájemce "chci to koupit za.." mě dohání k domněnce, že 99% národa nemá základní vychování. Čekal bych něco jako: "pozdrav" + rád /a bych koupil/a za... Fantastic

Easy-to-use, intuitive, elegant, simple and most of all useful. The only drawbacks are a lack of categories (in my region at least) and not enough filter options. wow lol

Disappointed. In recent update they removed option for choosing the area to see nearby. If you're scrolling down and searching stuff then go to one thing and go back it returns back to top of searching, wich needs to be fixed and there is bug wich is copying message Not bad

I just think more people should be made aware of this app it is really helpful. Like for me, I just moved recently with no furniture and this app helps me find alota good products for a real good price! Great job

Other than unable to change location for about a week, it works perfectly and the staff are really responsive and willing to help. We solved my problem within minutes (!), I got answered via email insanely fast and a very kind woman helped me out. Good job. Omg

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