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I loved it! It was probably the best Lego game I've played so far! But one thing happened, I couldn't scan the crossbow of merlok. I'd be happy if you could fix that somehow. Thanks! Brilliant

Best game ever but if ther will be a new bad guy on the show make a map with a battle in the last level in the map and if ther will be 9 bad guys so do the same thing and after do the last bad guy in the last map and we need a lot and a lot of levels in the map Good

Sooooooo cool you can play with friends and have Soo fun I like it this for making it 5 star

I love this app. The one thing I don't like is that it erased all of my battles and memory ,but I can't argue with that little problem I mean seriously it is NEXO KNIGHTS!!! Well done!!

I think it's good but then when I scan a combo power and then when I'm done with that combo I can't scan a different combo Brilliant

It's good except I keep trying to scan nexo powers but I don't knowonome of them I put them bymy window so it's light enough and try to scan it for some reasons it doesn't work other than that it's Excellent Awesome great Love It Enjoy it!

The game has various's but it's still fun I unstalled this game at May 2017 and I played it it's awesome Surprisingly

I played it on my Dad's phone, but only until I got my own tablet. But every time I try to play it on my tablet,(at the title screen)it crashes, and sez:Error. Unfortunately, MERLOK 2.0 has crashed. PLEASE FIX THE ANNOYING ERROR!!!!!!!!!!! Omg

This is good but you need to reduce the price of the upgrades the knight have. One little question how did Axls battle suit be free because you unlock it with the Lego Id? Great!

It hard to span the nexo powers please make it easier to span them on the next update thank you Great job

You got to upgrade the face Great job

I love this game I can play with this game and worth of my time when I get bored at home or anywhere Works perfectly

The game is very good but the thing is that when merlok is like "hmm, not sure if Ava gog all the bugs out..." and it tells me to go on the Nexo scan thing (it's the only thing i can do anyway because its forcing me to) and it plays the nexo scan sound with the screen dark at the same time and then it suddenly goes all quiet with the music stops playing and it does NOTHING!!!! ITS REALLY FRUSTRATING!!! FIX. IT. NOW!!! Great!

Nexo knights This is the best My brothers and I love watching it We love the characters and monsters and most of all monstrux above all of them Clay and Macy So there is definetly no way I can say I hate this game By Janna and Jazlaan Surprisingly

I love nexo knights and monstrox is back after being a cloud but he's trying to be merlok anyway when is season 4 going to come cause the update is based on season 4 Just wow

My younger cousin really enjoys this game and it keeps him entertained for hours, which is gr8 as he has ADHD. The only problem that stops us from giving this game a 5 star rating is a small bug, on the fact that he can't get through to arronville which upsets and annoys him when the game crashes, please fix this problem as it would be a brilliant help to us. Thanks. Btw I would recommend this game , just beware of some small problmes but dont worry as they always update this app to sort these problems out. Amazing!

I love this game its so good i can't stop playing it the power ups are so powerful Great!

Loved it easy and i can create my own combo powers.i like that part and the lavaland bosses are my favourite.those bosses even has no weakness! and that makes it challenging love it ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺.also very fun.i also like the fobbiden powers.i really love the graphics 'conrols and gameplay.i want to rank it 5000 stars.also on the real series season 3 and 4 has been better than series 1 and 2. Flawless

I love this game however there are still afew bugs. Some of my powers keep disappearing the day after i scan em but other than that, i love it. Keep up the good work! :) love it

Some glitches but awesome Ever time I try to Nexo scan it crashes...guess how I feel on the tutorial Go well

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