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Game ini cocok banget bagi yg ketinggalan kereta. Karena melalui game ini yg ketinggalan kereta dapat merasakan seperti di dalam kereta Recommend

Love all the Lego apps. They know Legos are awesome enough that playing with some digital versions is enough to promote buying the physical bricks. ~~~~ NO ADS - Just Fun! Superb!

I absolutely love the simplicity of this game I've been looking for a train game like this for awhile I have a special needs child & this game is perfect for him he can operate this 100% with ease & the graphics I find absolutely adorable I myself sometimes sit & play on it for him when he's napping lol definitely a winner for toddlers or kids of any age A+++++ for my rating great job mommy approved lol. Recommend

Hey guys are doing . I'll try again tomorrow , and the rest . If I could get the latest news from you and the rest . If I could get the most of us who we have a great day Well done!!

This is the best toddler game My grand son just turned 3 and since this game is downloaded he asks me fun questions from this game and he loves this game Enjoy it!

I like this game because its educational,its fun,build,create,explore and do missions and watch movies. love it

I love this game because you can choose the train engain and what you want to put at the back.I have so many words for it like amazing,fun,enjoy these are the words that describe the game.That's why i love this game so much❤ Surprisingly

BOOORING you only have to ride a train.And there is nothing other than 3 videos to watch which are nearly boring again. Works perfectly

Need a lock setting so little kids cant accidently escape and get into the phone Works perfectly

It iabso cool i got ot for my little sister then i started to play now we fight over the phone Worth a go!

My little brother always wants to play on my phone that is how much he likes the game Enjoy it!

Kid loves it mom doesnt Music is so annoying! I turn down the volume but he just turns it back up! Please make sound muteable Well done!!

5 stars is not enough Brilliant. The music, the cartoony graphics. Kids and us love it. One note: the new videos are awesome, but cant be screen locked? Kids touch the screen wich stops playback/restarts the video. Perfect

Easy My son has been playing this game since 24 months and it's not hard at all. He is a fast learner. He plays it by himself. And he loves trains.... Perfect!

My boys love it No annoying sounds or music, it's free, keeps them entertained and no weird app permissions Surprisingly

Cool My two year old brother loves choo choo trains so this is a great game fore him.I would give the game five stars only if the gap in-between stops would not be so long. Highly Recommend.

Super sweet My two year old loves trains and this is the perfect game for him. We even bought the Duplo train set for him because he loved the game so much! Pretty good

I know I'm 7 years old but I don't care because I still love it. But I'm afraid I am called loki lonergan Mitchell. Highly Recommend.

2yo loves it My son isn't that good at actually playing the game, but he loves the train whistle and tapping on things to make stuff happen. Pretty satisfied with this game. The other Lego games are a little too hard for him though Cool

Fab Knocked a star off now you've added videos. Kids no longer play game just stare at videos. Shame Enjoy it!

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