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People say that the game is bad but no it is not it is not the game that is bad it is the players. but I will admit some games are bad but not this one because I find the game fun. It is not just me that finds the game fun it is most players and they are correct. Must have

Iyana bear puppy girl Didnt get to play it becuse it keeps saying can not work i am mad and sad i will rate it a three star.^_^>_< Works great

Run for your CHIMA balls I cot crazy cause I saw I need Wi-Fi to play this but I not used it but,racing for CHIMA balls is fun. Great!

The chances of actually playing this game would be high, if the game didn't keep logging you out once you reach the character screen the first time you play (*to specify every time at the start, but not after you have started playing*). *if this info is confusing, then I'm sorry. This is the only way I know how to explain it.* Superb!

Totally awsome U get to race through swaps deserted and woods if u download it u will want to never install it try and take a look Go well

Wendy barrett I haven't tried it yet but I think it is going to a good game. But I think it is going to be a bad game because I am going to lose all of time. wow lol

BEÈEEEEEEST GAME EVER it is best game EVER you can get new speedorz make your own character and RACE FOR THE GOLDEN CHI my favorite character is super lava which is on the SUPER CUP with character's skunk,fox grizzam,grozan super cragger and super lava Good

Kindof good The last level is realy hard its been 10 tries already just trying to beat it anyways its a great game Highly Recommend.

Awesome DOWNLOAD NOW Its as awesome as the toys :-D . and I unlocked every thing including super Laval and super cragger Great!

Awesome game This game is great on SGT3,Its even good on computer. Hope there are new charecters and levels and speedorz Just wow

Great My friend told me about this game and it is really cool! Everybody needs to get this amazing, brilliant and fantastic game right now! Perfect

canvas 4 This game is good to play and me n my nephew love to play together but sometimes its gona hang.. I think developers should fix it.. Superb!

Awesome game! My gosh if only it didn't stop just a few chapters. I luv the features and the graphic, hope you could put more to rate a 5 star.:-D Enjoy it!

It's good! It's a good game with awesome graphics but the steering and controls are a bit bad pls fix thanks! Pretty good

Cute for the little ones Nice game. Its a little hard to get to the actual playing tho. For a 3 yr old. Other then that. He can stay on the track and he likes the diff races. Works great

Awesome The game is pretty cool but it would have been better if there was a tilt control. Still, 5 stars! Perfect

Good game but really sloppy controls. My character is sliding all over the place. I would keep the game but poor controls is a deal-breaker for me. Not bad

Its great! But it needs more characters like the rhino and the beaver. Also the game is to easy, I got 100% and won each game. The hardest character in the game was skunk. Highly Recommend.

Love it I love the show and game..even though I'm a grown but I wish you guys would make the chima world available to android users and not just iPhone people. .grrr.. Marvelous

Very cool! I love Chima. The graphic design is awesome. Sound is ok. Great past time when waiting. Kids and young at heart will enjoy Works perfectly

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