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The internet... how much power do you need from an internet source? Like I waited for a while for it to load but it just wants me to retry over and over again. Help needed Great!

This is awesome like I never saw anything so cool really good graphics and it's so beautiful I'm impressed Great!

It's a good game... But I like that it's fast paced, but the story is very basic. The blocky graphics, turn me off and the enemies give no tells when they are going to attack which renders the Dodge button useless unless you're fighting a boss. Muito bom!

Please read devs. Thank you very much. Game has a lot of potential so please give it all your extent so that the game would show its true great potential. Tweak out all the bugs, show more interesting stuff and possibly balance them in acquiring those stuff so that people won't get bored, basically give them a good grind but not an endless one. Well done!!

Good but.... I like the game over all. I am having issues with it though. Says there was a problem and restarts offten between dungeons. Marvelous

Nooooooooooooo I logged in today and all my progres had gone other than that this game is grate wow lol

I have a little problem Wen I am on the tutorial, killing the ogre the game quits to the home page of my phone, I want to know why this happens and how I can resolve it. I really want to play this game if you can help I will give u the 5 stars because I think this game is very good but if I can play it only the tutorial and is not all of it I will uninstall the game and give u 1 star and if is possible 0 or -1. Must have

Good game But the problem is how to multiplayer maybe u havent added multi player but pls do it so i can multi player with my friends then ill 5 star Cool

I was on tutorial it told me to craft a weapon but I don't have a blue cube thing. Fantastic

U did good on the update Works fine now on my s6 after the update changed from a 1/5 ☆ to a 5/5 ☆ keep up the good work x u done well man ♡♡ Enjoy it!

Pvp..? Great game - adorable graphics, real hack and slash, and very customisable skills and talents. The only thing that could possibly make this game better is some sort of pvp. Worth it!

You should take away having to recharge for every attack it is annoying. And add more stages. Update this. Perfect!

I like it, but it needs improvements: Gamplay is good, But: No option to increase button size or screen position makes dodging a random enterprise. You have to manually sell every single junk item you get. Sounds are more akin to a slot machine game. Mana is limited, at least as far a i got (cleared first continent). No story or at least i forgot why i do battles in the first place. Eats your battery, no option to decrease video fidelty, i rather have no light effects instead of low fps and no battery Brilliant

Awesome game Please please please! Add support for external gamepads! The controls are too big and take too much of the screen and it's always better to use external controllers like the Xbox 360 with an otg cable. Please! Awesome

Dear Development Team I Played This Amazing Game And I Loved It But The Only Thing Is That It Needs Offline Mode It's Gonna Be Even More Fun Like There Are Some Features That Don't Need Internet Like The SinglePlayer Or Player Customization So Please Put Offline Mode In The Game. Thanks For Taking Your Time Reading This Review. Fantastic

Issue with google account I already have a google play account which i play several games with but once i try to connect to this game it demands to create a new account when i have one already . What may i do to fix this ? i thank you in advance for the help! Great job

Great Game but, The on screen controls are sometimes unresponsive, including scrolling through inventory Fabulous!

The game is superb and OP! 11/10 ! I don't know why other people can't access the game, but I did not encounter any of it. 99999/10 !! Marvelous

Good game but... It is a very good game with good graphics and i also love the loading screen maybe id like this game even more if imsaw more than the loading screen. Pls thx Must have

Like this Really like this any rpg that has spiders in straight away is awesome in my book. Thank you Just wow

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