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Please specify in which cinemacity is a certain movie showing; either in Dora or beirut souks. I thought that the belko experiment movie was in both cinemacity theaters, so I went to beirut souks and it wasnt available there, it was so at city mall dora. Thank you. Marvelous

Nice application I suggest to put a place for users to rate the movies and to put some comments abt the movies, we can't really count on the rating that u give Perfect!

Love it Great app! Always up to date .. love the new releases notifications .. Never crashes never had any probs with it ! Flawless

Sami Great application. Always provide me with the best information about the movies in lebanese Cinemas. Awesome

Exellent This app is very good and show the trailers of films and + it is an lebanese app. Keep the good work!

excellent the reason this app is better than the others is because of its upcoming movies section that i find very useful in a movie guide, thank u

Film rating I'd give a 5 stars only if you can update the app and show us the age necessary for the film we want to see.Thanks.

Good app but trailers are not for same movie Must follow up on time and accurately....trailers are not for the correct movies...its so easy to place the right trailer for the right movie so why the negligence to people? Why are app managers so negligent???? Respect us by giving us a dedicated service!!!!!

Showtime Issue I don't know if this is an issue or if this is deliberate but when i go to the "theaters" tab, choose a certain theater then choose a movie in this certain theater I don't get the showtime in this theater. So I would really appreciate it if you fix this issue (if it's indeed an issue) or add this feature because its really handy to know the showtimes of a movie in a certain theater without going back to the "showing" tab each time.

Faster update Great app but movies should refresh faster, not always up-to-date. Should have better UI interface.

Mni7 Mich ktir byinfa3 la2anno fi ktir showtimes aw2at ma 3am bit 7ottouwoun hl2 fikrit l application ktir byinfa3 bas Mich zabit 3al 2e5ir ba3do na2is

samsung s3 nice application and very usefull it but should put the date of the coming soon films

new app crashes alot.. a new movies guide app just showed up that looks more promising called LEBMovies

Please fix it! It's awesome and i always refer to it and helps me a lot but today it's feeezing my phone and forcing close and i really need to use it today :s

#music-discovery good but need share option! I want to share the movie and the description in social apps like whatapp and facebook .for take our decision what we want to watch

Great! Easy and up to date. Directly calls the theater which is cool. only downside is you don't get movie times when searching by theater. not a big deal!

#music-discovery Average! Not accurate movie hours and no possibility of having movie time when starting search by theater

Nice, but cannot! It doesn't load an updated list every time you use it, sometimes it loads no list whatsoever. I have to either Force Stop or Clear Data, then run the application again. Also, I seem to be unable to Reserve any seats, instead, I get the following message "Not registered on network." I wonder how I can register.. Recommend to install Lebanon Movies Guide APK.

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