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Great app, but will there be an update to reflect the changes in Bootstrap 4 with SASS being the CSS framework? 5 star

Good to learn for beginners.. few addition can be implemented in it as link should be open inside app itself.. and one minus as quiz section is not working.. Keep it up Awesome

Bro please make an app for jQuery too. This app is very helpful. I'll b waiting for jquery app. Cool

The official Bootstrap documentation but simply organized and with a cute mobile UI that makes everything easy on the eyes! Waaaay better than reading it on Chrome, Firefox, etc and way easier and quicker to access! I hope the developer makes more of these! :D Must have

Thanks for pointing out the exception. I want you to add more content to this app. :) Worth it!

I was looking for some tutorials and found this awesome app for learning bootstrap. Fabulous!

OMG.. This is a great app.. Nice layout and nice concept.. But please input PDF and Video on this package file.. I mean offline file.. People can't download the file if we don't have a connection.. Thanks before wow lol

The app keeps you connected to Bootstrap. It's not very detailed but okay especially during busy commute Superb!

Try add many feature like custom navbar footer and somethibg like that wjo combine manuall css to bootsrap Brilliant

You know it would have been awesome if the videos weren't... blocked. My browser says your videos have been blacklisted. Awesome

Great learning app but you have to provide a copy option if you can because I am a lazy developer i I mean I have enough time to write code... Flawless

Incredibly amazing I spent hard times looking for bootstrap resources online but everything collected in one place even with books. Really many many thanks ❤❤❤ Muito bom!

Decent app for learning Been using it more for a quick reference recently. Be good if you expanded on the content from the Bootstrap site though. Cheat sheet perhaps ;-) Perfect

Great Nice app for learning bootstrap. It helped me alot in learning and saved my time also Good

Awesome app for bootstrap. All the resources it has like pdf and videos are very informative. Smooth User interface. Works great

THE App to learn Bootstrap! UI is really clean and neat. Excellent, up-to-date content. Quizzes are a bonus learning tool. Thanks for the hard work! Just wow

I learned much about bootstrapping from this app. It just that the app crashed suddenly especially when I want to open the text part. It always happened when I clicked on the text. Highly Recommend.

learning bootstrap give you all the material and content that need you to learn bootstrap. Greate UI. Flawless

Best app to learn bootstrap I have gone through various site. None had provided clearcut info what this app provided me. Its really good way to learn from this app. I recommend others to use this. Not bad

Comes in handy Great information, really helps when developing. Though, I would like to have some search function to directly to the method if possible. Well done!!

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