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I find this way easier to use than StitchPic App have gotten so much editing done faster, very happy Worth it!

It does an okay job. It makes it fast and not alot of ads. Only reason why it got 4 stars is for the lack of ads. Good job. love it

I love this app so much , and my friends are always getting me to edit there photos with layout Cool

Love being able to share a bunch of shots in one photo. This app is so easy to use. I use it a lot for workout progress photos and highlighting multiple photos from adventures. So glad I have it. Good

A very nice app, very simple and easy to use and allows you to make a lot of nice images. It works just fine on my Quantum Go here in Brazil :-) Perfect

I've never had this app crash, and it's super easy to use. You pick the photos you want, and it generates a bunch of layouts for you to arrange them in. Only flaw I see is there are no filters to add at the end, but you can easily export to Instagram right from the app & add one there. Fantastic

You can get sentimental real fast lol, I just graduated so I'm making a bunch of layouts of me and my friends over the past few years. This is just what I needed. 5 star

It's pretty good, just wish there was more of a zoom option and perhaps more editing options as well, but overall I use this app quite frequently and it is quite useful. love it

Like it for my food posts but not enough interesting layouts for more than 5 pics. Great job

It's cool but could be a bit better. Maybe some photo editing or instead of scares and rectangles maybe at different shape collages. Muito bom!

I never knew about blur otherwise is superb...though to make a collage of a recent snap and older snaps,I have to sift through hundreds of snaps Fabulous!

Great app easy to use connects with all social networks and allows sharing to various places. Highly recommend! Pretty good

This is a very goof app. I really love this app. I'm always use this app to make collage for Insta Worth it!

It's very useful for me-- I always use this to manage my drawing reference. It make things much easier. Pretty recommended. Amazing!

Wish there were more options of grids, but consistently works without being slow or glitches. Basic, but dependable. Good app. Pretty good

I love this app! You can use it for #Tbt or basically anything! I use it for before and after pictures frequently. Just wow

I would have given 5 Stars if you could create your own frame layout instead of using templates only Highly Recommend.

There should be some more edit the sigle photo separately in college...effect should be on desirde photo not on whole. Perfect!

It's good for what it is, but maybe in a future update we can have more cropping options? For example, maybe we could make taller, wider collages as opposed to just perfect squares. Fabulous!

I really like this app! My only complaint is that it pulls from ALL your photos and there is now way to select by group. Marvelous

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