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It is good but the app should have more effcts like being able to relate this with boomerang Brilliant

This is an amazing app you can post multiple pictures on to what ever Caprice there is something wrong with your phone/tablet/iPad then because that never happenes Marvelous

I think this app is ok for people who look for an app to make simple collages. But you could add more features. I would really love if you could add next: - Split panorama into multiple pictures to take advantage of galleries; multiple pictures in a single post (like instaswipe does) - Split photos into multiple pictures to make a bigger picture with multiple posts (like instagrids does) Those apps are good, and there are a lot of apps that do thing like those, but, in most cases contain ads, and that make UX horrible. Thanks in advance, @jcgaribayr Fabulous!

The cropping of the photo shouldn't have barrier. I can't get a perfect image because the picture keeps bouncing off because of the barrier of the photo. Please update it, thx. Works perfectly

I like this app, thanks for creating this. I've been searching an app that would help me with editing my picture :) Highly Recommend.

I think its great wish there were more pstuff like sticjers to go on some of the picture ill be psting kinda like snapchatt Omg

More convenient than an enabler of creativity, layouts is great for sticking photos together and neat mirror effects. App often crashes on my Nexus 6, but is well worth the download (and signing away of rights). Flawless

Honestly it's one of the best apps that I actually use I'm able to mix and match my pictures to different layouts honestly I get alot of likes from different social media so I'm really extremely happy with this app. love it

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I like this app for vacation photos. It allows you to share multiple pictures without blowing up your friends' feeds with a lot of individual photos. Perfect!

Good app but would be great to have frames to choose along with it, other than that it does the job you need doing Superb!

I like the app overall for arranging a handful of photos into a collage. However, you can resize a photo in the collage (there is no way to zoom in or out) so it just ends up cropping out a part of the photo, which I don't like. Perfect

It's an amazing app. I was looking always looking for a suitable collage app with various arrangement options and its just perfect. I loved it Great!

Love it! Super easy and great options for creating fun collages for any website. Especially great for Instagram but works with everything! Flawless

Great! It looks amazing with all my pictures and you can arrange them however you like. I highly recommend this app Brilliant

I LOVE this app SO MUCH I live posting stuff on the media's I have, will media. I hope everyone else will like or love this app much as I do. Amazing!

Great app, very easy. Would be nice if there was an option to not make a square image. K thx bye Works great

Adding crop and gif features will keep it up in that area that can help ppl looking for it. Thank you! 5 star

Its a very good app but the frames are too thick my pictures cant fit in it please make the frames a little bit thin Amazing!

Its a gr8 app ive had it before then got new phone last month so had no time to download evrything again but its really a gr8 app i highly recomend it Omg

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