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Kinda sad to say this but this is one of the best collage apps out there because it ensure that the collage will fit no matter what pictures I use. The only problem I have is that we can't adjust the width of the border. Literally all I ask for and I'll give this a 5 star because I find it extremely useful Recommend

Nice basic app for college making, but no option to make multi photo post together collage pic or save pic without posting. It wested some time, made collage post first to get only collage pic (no option to save collage pic without posting). Then deleted that post and again made multi photo post including one collage pic that i created. Enjoy it!

It's hard to dig your old photo, could you let us pick with folder? Better for that. This is great app btw, no ads and simple Pretty good

I don't like how it cuts the pics in a way i don't want to and there's no way to change it. It also zooms them as it wants to... And would be nice with more details like filters and the option to add pics and videos at the same time Marvelous

Wouldn't mind being able to have different colour options for the borders. Even just black or something instead of just white. Otherwise works great. Easy to use. Straightforward. Perfect

I Rocks with this app Im big on pictures & visuals & its easy with this. Check me Out - IG: @trapogoly. Twitter @XZconectd - SoundCloud Amazing!

I love IG but it crashes ALL THE TIME! I have a new phone and thought that would mean I could use the app better but nope. It still crashes. It's faulty wow lol

This app is great! The only problem I have with it is it makes pictures square and doesn't have another dimension options since it's for instagram. Surprisingly

I recommend this app if you're solely using it for pictures. I was hoping to pair still images with a video since Instagram lets you share videos. I guess I can't rate the app too low for lacking a feature it never claimed to have, but this would have been really useful. Amazing!

I have a product line and model. The Layout app allows you to make your own copm card. Plus I can make ads for my products. Great and easy to use. P.S.- It would get wonderful if the borders could be different colors and sizes. Cool

I would give it 5 stars but I don't "love" anything about social media but I love to share my photos... Not a Facebook user because it's too much drama & I don't need to know everyone ones I switched to Instagram & couldn't be happier... Works great

This isn't the only editor I use, but I'm giving it a 5star because this is the best app that I've found for custom collages. Worth a go!

Mostly works really great and is easy to use. Just two issues: sometimes it will list pics out of chronological order (like a pic from months or years ago will pop up in my more recent pics even though the order is correct in my gallery) and is a layout is not symmetrical, you cannot move which spot is the biggest (like if you have 3 pics and layout places 2 small pics on top and a wide pic on bottom you can't switch to have wide on top and small pics on bottom). Not bad

Love this app. My new fav. Use whenever I haver multiple photos and cant decide which I like best. Just put together and have a day of memories in one collage Pretty good

When I found it out I loved it it now I use it as often as possible...I wish it had a feature that allows you to change the way we appear . Omg

Ve It does exactly what it says it's going to do! My go to app for Instagram collages. love it

This is a great app, does exactly what it promises. Works great for things other than Instagram, provided you're okay with a strictly square final result. wow lol

Its relly good i love it but im relly wanting to find a way to remove the second photo when i just pick one for the photo if you guys arent able to actully know what im saying sorry Great!

Its the best photo edit app i've ever used, very easy to use, and its one of my number one favorite apps Great job

Awesome! Still has blue color scheme so it looks great with old blue Instagram version I'm using! DON'T CHANGE IT TO THE NEW STYLE!! Highly Recommend.

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