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As much as I like the layouts provided, I wish I had the option to customize my own layout & maybe also have an edit/filter option. I also wish I could arrange photos to my liking... if I want to keep the photo zoomed out wide - maybe to have apart of the customized layout option. Not bad

The app is easy to use, but I have also had some issues with it. Sometimes it can't seem to find pictures I just took (although that may be a phone problem). And I wish it had more photo editing options with cropping, resizing, and I wish the border option could be sized and colored well. Well done!!


Tutorial skip button? It's been years! Possibly the most annoying thing in the world is being patronized by an app every time you're on a fresh Android install and happen to be a Software engineer. Fantastic

Very simple and I love it! Let me create quick collages in a good quality. Couldn't​ wish more from free app (without annoying ads). I absolutely enjoy using it! Thank you. Good

Love the fact I don't nead an insta account to use this, as my mum won't let me have one. It's never slow if you have a good phone, (iPhone, Samsung. ) and it is good for what you NEAD it for. People moan for not being able to put videos and stuff but it never claimed to do that. Stfu moaners u probably haven't Evan used it. Cool

Quick and easy to use. Grrat for combining up to five photos into a single collage. The app creates a variety of formats to choose from, which means it is easy to combine pictures with a mix of portrait and landscape. It is easy to pull images to different frames, and to substitute chosen pictures for others. Not bad

Simple to use. Would be better if there are slightly more variety of layouts. AND PLS MAKE IT EASIER TO ZOOM IN THE PHOTOS ESP FOR THOSE WHOSE FRAMES ARE SMALLER! Works great

If you are on the verge of posting a pic on Instagram and then it suddenly clicks into your mind that it would've been better had u posted a collage, then layout from Instagram is the go-to app. But don't expect any sort of possible editing in the photos. This app is just for making collage nothing more or less than it. Works great

I'm not a very techy guy, so when I found this app I was stoked! It's easy to use, and fun making layouts, which helps promote my business. With before & after pictures, folks can preview our work, and that helps attract new clients. Thank you for making an app for people like me who have trouble with technology! Lol Enjoy it!

This app has worked flawlessly for me and I use it all the time. Even though I see other reviews have complained it's never Frozen or run slow for me. It's always quick and easy and I've created lots of really fun collages with it. Marvelous

I like this app but I would prefer to select my photos by chronological order, rather thank having to scroll past old photos to get to the recent ones. Random and illogical. Fabulous!

It can be better with more options to chose from. It can do 2,3,4 and 9 frames only. So if I have 5,6,7 or 8 pictures? Also the frames are too rigid I cannot easily set the pictures the way I want. But still this app works. Thanks Just wow

I used this all the time! It is very simple to use and very useful. I do wish there were some more customization features such as switching the photos once they've already been selected inside the collage. However once you get used to it it's very quick to edit the photos Etc. Works perfectly

Easy to use, fun functions, not problems with the app. It's share without any known issues. Recommended if you want to splice up many or just one picture Flawless

Very useful! A little bit tedious with replacing photos/zooming in on photos (especially the smaller ones) but I use it a ton anyway. Flawless

I love this right, but some people dont have a phone with storage in nor no how to make more storage. You need to have it intergrated in instgram some how. Or offer basic level in the main app and if they want the full featured then pay for the advance level play store. Recommend

I just wish we could scroll through old photos but that's not really possible by direct access cause you have to start from the top... Awesome

Lost a star for having too many variatioms of the same thing, like it assumes that we don't know how to slide the borders to change the size. I would prefer a little more variation, or even left-right flip options. Great!

Easy to use and can share real fast. For those of us who are not photo experts this app will help make photos look like a pro. Not literally but close enough. Superb!

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