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This app collages full resolution images I've used some other apps but could not create good resolution images as this app creates wow lol

I love it Although it would be cool if Instagram were to make it so you could add videos to a collage. But other than that this app is perfect I ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO GET THIS APP. IT IS AMAZING. What I stated before is just a cool little feature they could add. But it isn't essential. Perfect

This app collages full resolution images I've used some other apps but could not create good resolution images as this app creates wow lol

Solid photo frame Need solid frame for croping and homemade photos and manipulating areas for deleting Well done!!

Love it and use it a lot The flip and mirror functions make for really complex images. Check out my insta for examples @jrexwheelbite Enjoy it!

Very good but could be better I definitely like it, but it would be nice to have even more personalization abilities. Works perfectly

Great This is really great, and creative I love it and I'm proud of the ideas of this app Just wow

Nice app for making photo collages This app lets you put multiple photos into a single collage. I like that you can change the size of the image windows, as well as zoom in or out of a photo to focus on the whole or an aspect of the original, which allows for more individualized creativity. My only complaint, which may be due more to the sensitivity of my phone's touch screen than the app itself, is that it is often difficult to zoom in or change the image position on smaller photo windows. Brilliant

It's okay It's a great app but it would be even better if you could put three pictures up and down, parallel to each other Recommend

Fun and easy to use This app is enjoyable, well designed and feels like a real app, not just some crapware ad delivery vector. It's great, hats off to the developers. Here's the part where people usually put feature requests for some reason: would be nice if there were at least a color picker to give some variety to the borders. Also, while the physics of sliding objects is pleasing to the human brain, in this case it can be difficult to position photos precisely, for me. As soon as I take my finger of an image, it slides Go well

So easy to use! This app is so easy and versatile, I use it for everything! Try it out, you won't be disappointed. Worth a go!

I love this It really helps to put my pictures together when I want mire than one in a post. Works great

It's grand It's good but I'd prefer if u could rotate the pics and write stuff instead of just having them in neat and tidy boxes. But it's still good!!

Really great and easy to use :) This app is great not only for Instagram but for anything with photos and it's nice and simple and easy to use!

Super easy to use!! Easiest and fastest to use frames app I have ever seen. I would pay for this if they charged.

Brilliant Great app to use! Good quality, very fast and great to put photos together! Well done!

Loved it It's a really great app because now I don't half to post 16 photos I can just college them

Layout It's my go to Photo collage maker. The only one I didn't uninstall yet. I would add updates to make it even better but it's a good app that I'd recommend.

Very annoying Wont stop freezing and kicking me out of the App while I am trying to select my photos!! It needs to be fixed and until it is this a worthless app.

So much FUN I love being able to put more than one picture side by side. You really get to compare and contrast better.

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