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Luv it it s enjoyable this app makes it easy for me to put together the pics that i luv in various layout forms which most often than not is difficult to choose from bcoz they re all great Fantastic

I had this app on my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 a while back for about a year and it worked ok. The only thing I didn't care too much about is that you can only use up to 9 pictures. I would install it on to my new Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note8 if it supported let's say maybe 12 pictures. Keep up the good work. Well done!!

Best thing I've found so far! Every other doesn't allow you to enlarge the photos, different ways of positioning uniquely as this app. Great job! Works perfectly

Absolutely love this app for my business doing eyelash extensions. Most people aren't wearing makeup so I can still make them look their best with this app! Awesome

I love how easy to use this app is & how it allows you to share more pictures. Only wish it didn't mix my pictures up because it makes it harder to find & put certain groups of pics together. Flawless

For a free app, It's easy to use and does the job well. I use it a lot! One of my faves! I would give it a 5 stars if I could have more choices than basics. Muito bom!

It's a good app.. But sometimes it stops working in the middle of using it.. And it's bothering cause you have to choose photos again and start from the beginning Well done!!

Solid app, does what it's meant to. Suggested layouts are super helpful. I'd really like to be able to edit each frame as I would in Instagram, so I can have a consistent feel (ie white balance, saturation, etc) across the frames. Perfect

Love being able to create one collage of my favorite photos to post rather than boring my friends with hundreds of posts! Easy to use! Omg

This is the app I always turn to for Instagram collages. It's easy to use, has great layout options, and requires almost no time to learn how to use it. love it

Love this app! I use it all the time but I only wish that there would be an option so that the end college didn't have to be an exact square Enjoy it!

I don't think I can because I don't think I know what I did if it comes out good praise the Lord it was meant to be if not I made a mistake I saw the picture of me and here I don't have a picture on me on Facebook or at Instagram and I'm trying to launch a campaign on Sunday Easter Sunday Resurrection Day for my mother she's a widow Go well

I like this app for making quick collages for Instagram so I can share several pictures together and typically get the best fits and crops for a few photos when I put them together in the collage. Easy to use, fast, simple. Flawless


I've gotten a lot of use out of this - even my avatar was made with it hehe. One thing I would like is for there to be a simple rotate button for images along with flip and mirror. Surprisingly

It's great! But I'd love to make the diagonal collaj al well when I can use only 2 pictures, put them side my side and that it will not crop the original picture. Awesome

It's really great but I'd really like to be able to resize pics even more than I can now with it. I wouldn't mind if resizing leaves some white space just to get the proportions I want. Recommend

I really do like Layout. Easy, fun, and creative.. One suggestion though, is the ability to change simple things like brightness and saturation. It would add a whole elevation to the app. Thanks! Amazing!

I love this app you can use it on snapchat or insta or anything and if you don't have either of those you can still use it I always either combine my family in one pic or my best friends Great!

The undisputed king in the land of ad-filled "free" layout apps. Has limited options compared to some of the apps I used previously, but has no ads and no watermark and does what it promises usug sleek and well designed UX. Fantastic

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