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When it works, it's great, but... I generally have to try about 3 times, each failed attempt due to the app freezing, for each time I post. I wish it were more dependable and consistent. Recommend

Gorgeous app! Never crashed or had any technical issues. I use it to be as creative as i want to promote my business on social media. My only gripe is you cant add text. Other than that its awesome Not bad

Perfect to join my favorite photos, congrats love it


I've never had this app crash, and it's super easy to use. You pick the photos you want, and it generates a bunch of layouts for you to arrange them in. Only flaw I see is there are no filters to add at the end, but you can easily export to Instagram right from the app & add one there. Recommend

You can get sentimental real fast lol, I just graduated so I'm making a bunch of layouts of me and my friends over the past few years. This is just what I needed. Well done!!

I only wish I could lock in mirror effects upon zooming, to create the most symmetric effect possible, or that there was a grid on the edit screen to do so. Eyeballing it is hard. That said, thanks for the great free app! Lots of creative image potential! Flawless

This app is actually really great.. I have a young child so I take way to many photos and this app helps with space I can add 6 pictures in only one photo. And it's quite nice too the layout of the photos makes a great picture.. Omg

This is so helpful! I have been trying to find an app to mirror images for edits and I finally found it!! I can't stop smiling with excitement please send help lol wow lol

This is a very goof app. I really love this app. I'm always use this app to make collage for Insta Great!

The simplest way to create custom collages! The ONLY thing I'd add (and this is nit picking) is a way to make borders between pics customizable, and offer background patterns for them. Even without that, this is an awesome tool! Worth it!

It's an okay app it has limited options. You can't edit the photo once it's in there other than position so you better make sure they all match before. Perfect!

4/5☆s is just room for improvement, such as:allowing a user's entire internal and external memory to be viewed in layout, to be able to edit individual photos selected(such as cropping,setting at an angle etc.), allowing photos to overlap(collage-approach), adding titles,emoticons,stickers etc to embellish shared memories etc. Thank you for quality service thus far! Regards,Ms aspeling from CPT, SA. Superb!

It's good but I think the quality of the rendered outcome is not good enough for a world of tech where everything is hd. I would like to be able to set up pictures more randomly, for instance one on top of another and then a vertical on the side, or 2 side by side and then a large horizontal photo either above or below. Marvelous

Basic but very useful and user friendly. Lovely way to really apply and sharpen your creativity rather than getting inundated with a million options that do the thinking for you. Must download. And you'll see your overall 'creativity with less' develop quickly Well done!!

I wish there were a few more types of layouts, like one with an inset photo. This app also used to have a feature where you could make a border with a different color other than white. That would be nice to have again. But overall I am very satisfied with this app. Awesome

I love it. Its very simple and convenient to use. Im planning to use it not only for Instagram but also for my blog and for personal pics. It's very nice to group them when there are too many! Good

I love using Layout--I don't need anything super complicated, I just want a quick way to collect photos in one image (that lets me pick where/how I want them placed! I'm looking at you, Google Photos Assistant...). For my needs, it's awesome. Great job

I give 4 stars or maybe 4 half if I could. So far it's good. The only flaw is I couldn't made very nice collage, pics gonna get cut. Just wow

Instantly collage photos and make attractive pics. Good for saving memory in device without losing clarity or details by combining more snaps and create one memorable pic. Loved it. Customisation of Aspect ratio option shall be added as an improvement action. Overall is app is great! Enjoy it!

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