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I guess it's just complicated, you have to be in light, have to hold it steady and the slightest movement means you can't see it until you position it just right. Too fiddly. Idea is great but just needs better execution. Sorry. 5 star

Tried scanning the logo like others and it didn't work. Scanned the whole page and it worked fine! Amazing!

Scanned my AAA Living magazine and it makes a glowing , undulating light as it reads the code. Then a video popped up with a UAV video of different locations of Ireland. My first experience, it was OK. Interesting, but not amazing. I will try other codes as I come across them out of novelty. Good

Easy to use. Those of you that are having trouble shouldn't blame the app. If you could ad layers that pop out like you see on augmented reality demos, I'd give it 4 stars Must have

It will auto quit for my Samsung galaxy a9 pro, it's running on android 6... Can fix this issue? Perfect!

Great I loved watching the First Take videos with the app it was great to see people getting involved with Cahms Fantastic

Worked perfectly I used it for a university of Arizona postcard come to life thing and i scanned the front of the card the video unlocked and worked perfectly. Muito bom!

Disappointed but love magazine Didnt even get to scan first cover due to app issues, but love reading and learning about new business things in the Sunshine Coast! Surprisingly

I tried it out and it worked great, the very first time. However, today was the first time, that I've ever seen this app. We'll see. Works perfectly

It's fun. Make your own qr codes and it's a lot of fun to mess around with. Occasionally takes two attempts to read the code, but it always works. Works perfectly

Awsome but crashes frequently An awesome technology but can be a little embarrassing when you go to show it to your boss and it keeps crashing! Surprisingly

Great app I was going to install the Universal 100 but decided to go with the underlying software instead. Much better idea! Not bad

Works great for me! Does help to have a steady hand, takes a few seconds to get it right. Pretty good

Well... It works, but it needs steady hand, sometimes doesn't work and I cannot find anything wich I can scan with this app, other than QR codes...

Used to be good I used to like it, it had a bunch of layers... It took away the option and now I cant find any cool layers to use. Tried searching online, they give u a few like twitter updates around or Instagram but that's it... U should be able to see exist layars

Works well Works as promised. Not many issues streaming, I assume a wifi connection might help. You need to SCAN THE ENTIRE PAGE in order for it to work, just trying to scan a page logo wont work (I used this on the Simpson Door catalog at my job). *Phone used is Galaxy Note 5.

How to create a layer image? The app looks grate. I would like to create an image of my own choice. Kindly Help.

Good App This app has helped me in all kinds of ways, especially when waiting at a bus stop.

This APP is amazing! I tried it on a vendor catalog that has the LayAR logo, used the app to scan a page, and the associated product video showed up perfectly, and i have a NOTE 3 that will barely handle stuff like this so it is all the more impressive. Going to try to set up my company catalog as well. Brilliant

Took a minute to figure out what to do and how. 5 star

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