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This is by far the best game that I have found to play on a phone. My only problem I have had so far is the dogs when you breed them the mom and dad disappear. You should have it like real life and have the mom rest and unable to use for a little and keep the dad usable instead of sacrificing both hard to find dogs to the underworld to make one puppy. Flawless

Awesome game, especially for beta, but remember people, it is still beta. Yes some goals are hard to obtain but that is part of what makes it fun. Could use a few improvements, items are costly, but ive been playing since 1.6 and there has been huge updates and improvements, imagine once it is out of beta, and its FREE, mostly. Personaly, id like to see an "arena'' or live pvp events just like LDOEs sister game Jurassic Survival, also a fun but very early in the development stage. All in all 4 stars. Keep going kefir Must have

I really like this type of game. It is fun. And different from most which is cool. To make gameplay even better please add the option to take all items from inventory and place in the chest as well as an auto organize button for the inventory. Also please add the option to equip moth a melee and ranged weapon at the same time and to switch between the two on the main play area. Sometimes I like to get a feel for the game and then restart from the beginning or for other reasons I like restarting games from the beginning. Please add this as an option. Thank you. Perfect

I like this game, great gameplay, simple controls. I've being playing it for two days and had lots of fun. Upgrading the house is hard and the zombie horde destroys it before I can upgrade it properly. I made a 4x4 house and right now, after 3 days, I have a floor and three walls. Other than that, well done guys. Update: now I have zero walls. An oak forest should be available in the firat area since it takes a long time to build the atv, the oaks in the tower arent enough for upgrading the house promptly. Muito bom!

I recently play this game, its a good game afterall. At the level of 38 you can craft Gunsmith bench, but the materials? I don't know where I found this. May be at bunkar alfa. For that u need heavy guns. Please make the materials available according to the things we need. To enjoy the game outmost. In-app purchase is an option for me. But I am a poor guy, can't buy that. Surprisingly

i have no complain about this game. it's a great one and the best part of this game is struggle, challenge. but it would be great if you give us a companion like as a dog. if we had a companion that can fight along with us then it'll be more fun to play. this is just my thought.. love it

Great amazing game to play I'm level 50 but it's so hard to get the stuff for the motorcycle and the atv. I've been looking all over the place and can't find the parts for it. I don't know why you guys put the hard bunkers close and the easy ones far like why so stupid. Need to fix that. I would hate to stop playing the game I love. Must have

This is a pretty good game! I play it 24/7! I hate when i die and lose my stuff Awesome

Very nice game . And addictive too. I just want to tell you that some people try to cheat your ideas . Like Jurassic survival . They copy the same . So be carreful when releasing new update. . Thanks you guys and good luck. So I also want to said to that I lost my progress because I was not able to connect to my Google play games. I don't know why it is like that.. . Please fix that. Works perfectly

Amazing game! Definetly The Best Zombie Survival game out there for mobile. The puppy is so cute! Also, thank you for adding The Oak Event. It's really helpful for players that don't have The Chopper, to get Oak Logs. Please don't remove that event. Make it so it appears Two times a week, and make it last 1h 30mins. Must have

Love it! but PLZ!!! make it so we dont ONLY get the dam Z-tokens all the timeor simple resources, i'd rather get guns, wapons and armours instead! why not make it a choice? ex: take a token, or spin a weel of random wepons/guns or a weel of armours/gears or a weel of resources!!! put 50%+ resources, dont make the first tower so though to fight through, i'm lvl52, and still dont have enough resources to get through all those dam fattys!!! x( I WANA EXPLORE!!! XD ps: dog feeder is not working well!! i put in 5 raw steaks and nothing happens... :( Flawless

First of all, I love the game very much.And I hope that the game could be better.My opinion is listed as follows. The appearance of RED get down after upgrating.And the way to get more gun is limited.We cannot contact the dealer to exchange product frequently.At last,the engine is hard to get for the motor bike.There is np balance between green, yellow and red. love it

The game is fun and really get the player going. It has alot of fun and interesting aspect. The only downside is item will be lost FOREVER if you die. Also the connect function isnt working at all. I lost my previous gameplay and have to start anew because i lost my phone. Amazing!

Love this game. It updates with new stuff to find and use all the time. It is hard but not in a bad way. About the only complaint I have is that u can only retrieve ur stuff from ur dead body in event zones. I would realy like if I could do this in the forest or mines too. Surprisingly

Kefir I have a little problem... kind of Anyway.. after 1.7.6 or 1.7.7( not sure wich one) it seems that my game is not connected to Google play and if I accidentally delete my game I would lose my progress that I've spent 9 months on. Is there a problem with my tablet or a multiple problem? Works great

Best game okay You got five stars from me for sure.... The dog was dope. But seriously am an 16 year boy trying to have fun .....but you gotta buy things to survive... And your shop items are way too expensive.... Am not working yet... Please devs reduce the price of items,..already in level 82,been play for months now and still can't get a chopper, generator and so many more. Please okay . Fabulous!

Every update makes this game better and better, though I do have one idea, if we get far enough into the game, we can make planes and travel to safe cities, as in ENTIRE cities that haven't been infected at all. It would cost 100 energy to get there and 100 energy to get home. Another cool thing, is that we can collect plane parts from plane crashes. The plane would be made from a generator and many more things. Even without this, i can see great things in the future of this game. Good work kefir! Keep it up. Muito bom!

Its fun, as long as you dont die. Great graphics that EAT your phones power but to be expected. Very smooth. Gameplay is what i want but balance is still off. Using SO many resources to make basic things and when you die its all gone. The long term play is there ... but after a week of playin im still stuck collecting wood from the safest areas. Fighting guys with guns with my pointy stick. Dont even bother tryin to upgrade a base wall. A zombie hoarde will rek your base daily once it looks like going somewhere. I feel like im constantly playing 10% of this and not getting to see the rest of it. Its hard yes... better than progressing and uninstalling quickly... but they have to at least make it easier to make a basic base! Great!

Thank you for fixing the problem. I hope it will not happen again in the future updated. Oh 1 more thing the base loading when you take the revenge raid and after you finish the raiders quest sometimes stack up. Please check it thank you and more power to you guys✌✌ Well done!!

After long time I came back to game .but I lost all my progress I.e. level 99. After this I'm not finding any interest to play this game and also I'm not able to connect Google Play Cool

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