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I think this game is amazing as it is just like fortnite but you cant build its live action and you can drive cars so i would say they have the same amount of differences wich is2. Finally there should be new game modes for limited time and also different scins Highly Recommend.

Wanda-fulll! It's the best game. But sometimes it's so lag so please fix it. Thank you Good

Favorite mobile game. Only thing is things don't work right every now and then such as picking up items and sometimes the okay button at the start is missing. Besides that I think this is a great game. Surprisingly

I have a big problem right now the Focus on aiming i bought is not being put in the battle with me its neing occupied by the energy drjnk one and its getting frustrating please help Awesome

Really good Graphics are amazing Nice weapons and items Great places Apocalypse Much mode is awesome I loved it Please make loading faster and add RPG and Grenade launcher Perfect!

Next update you should add... BUS..and make it 100 battle 50 is boring and increase the map and one last thing there are many hackers I have seen it they move very fast .. please take control of those things .. 5 star

lol I die all the time can you please sale guns now can you available guns added please Brilliant

This aap was brilliant what.I am talking about this aap.I think is the world's amazing game.I request to all my friends pls download this app because it is a very nyc game.So' who created the aap.I say to them that what is ur name.So' friends pls.I request to all download this aap Marvelous

It is a battle Royale game but my game seems to glitch and I can't open doors and pick up stuff. Plz fix these bugs Recommend

OMGGGGGG!!!!!! This is the best app EVER!!! I have tried load's of the apps on google play but this is by far THE BEST. Download it yoou will love it Fabulous!

I would rate 5 stars but it will be better if I add customization like changing skin color and adding different clothing just like in pubg wow lol

This game was the best game I've ever played . If you like war/shooting games this will be perfect for you . I love it. Perfect!

Great game maybe the graphics are weird but in all a wonderful game. So why are u waiting download it now Omg

Great update keep up this mech update is awesome and fun to play easy quests love it Enjoy it!

Still hard to shoot with scope, u can shoot with tps but can't when using scope always have the wrong angle. Also make the character more visible from long distance, it's kinda hard too see when they're far. Thanks. Sorry for my bad English. Amazing!

In all honesty, this game is rough for a battle Royale game, yet surprisingly clean and direct for a mobile game. The gun recoil, though, should vary for different guns. Hip firing of sniper rifles shouldn't be allowed, for realism purposes. and overall it has a PUBG-esque vibe, yet surprisingly original. Definitely recommend. Worth it!

Go well

Every thing is good u know just onther pubg knock off A good one acuttuly butt th mech mode is super cool its like titan fall mobile and for a beta mode its pretty good i mean i know theres a few gliches here and there but pretty good. One last thing, theres a glich in battle royal mode some times u cant pick up items it will say ITEM TOO FAR. Its realy annoying also mech mode lags like crazy Pretty good

This game is awesome i like it a lot... But there are problems. 1 : i think clothes should be added like hoodies and shirts and stuff like that. 2 : its a tiny bit easy to die make it a tad bit harder to die. 3 : you should add mic so players can talk to each other instead of texting cuz that will get your character killed when your texting. 4 : there should be hair stuff and 5.... Far Cry 5 just came out and i want to see some stuff from Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon added in the game. Answer back and tell me what you guys think. 5 star

Just wow

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